Gold + Plated Body Jewellery .

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This guide is written by Mod Bodies to help you select the right seller to purchase your precious metal body jewellery from and the standards you should be looking for. Our guides are designed to help you, the buyer, make your own decisions and judgements.

First of all, I would like to tell you that gold-plated, solid gold or sterling silver jewelry is not appropriate for any new or unhealed piercings. When your piercing is fully healed after stretching or the initial piercing, then it is fine provided the jewellery conforms to certain standards. If you want gold for a new or healing piercing the the jewellery you choose should be solid 14 karat or higher and even then, you have to make sure the description states that it is nickel-free. Nickel is the product in body jewellery that is most likely to cause irritation or even infection. Solid platinum is also ok for fresh or healing piercings, even if it is a bit pricey!

So, assuming your piercing is fully healed and you're looking for your first piece of plated or solid gold jewellery, here is a list to help you determine an honest seller with a good product to spend your hard-earned cash on.

  • An honest seller will have a detailed description of what you are purchasing. Too much repetitive nonsense is a too often bad sign and can lead you to miss the important information and therefore, end up with some low grade rubbish not suitable for your piercing.

  • Using the abbreviation GEP or just GP can be misleading. These abbreviations mean Gold Electro-Plated and Gold Plated. The description might not even say it is plated which is why a dishonest seller might use them. They want you to see "18kt Gold GEP" and think it's a solid gold beauty. Unfortunately, it rarely is.

  • If it doesn't say that the solid gold item you are buying is nickel free then ask the seller before buying. The tiniest nickel content is ok by SOME standards in different countries etc but if you have sensitive skin or  are prone to allergies, only use nickel free products.

  • If an item says 'Solid Gold Plated' then is plated. NOT solid as some people would have you believe.

Remember, some sellers may use the above abbreviations in the title of their listings as they only have a limited number of characters available. This does not automatically mean that all sellers that use them are dishonest as they are just trying to save space. However, if they do not clearly state in the listing description that it is plated it may be an indication that they are trying to confuse you, the buyer.

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