Golf Balls - A Golfers Biggest Consumable Item

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Some golfers prefer to stick with what they know,

Others are desperate to try the latest ball out,

Finally there are the bargain hunters looking for the best priced ball at that time. 

For all Golfers eBay is a great place to find whatever ball they are looking for.
Have you got Balls?  - eBay Does!

Golf Ball Brands and Models

There are many Golf Brands and Models all competing for the golfers dollar,

Here are some of the popular ones in Australia, the UK and USA:

Brands Alphabetically                                                                                

Bridgestone , Callaway , Donnay , Dunlop , Hogan , Maxfli , Nike , Optima , Ping , Pinnacle , Precept , Ram , Slazenger , Snake , Srixon , Strata , Taylor Made , Titleist , Top Flite , Vision , Wilson ,

Most Popular on eBAY:

in Australia:  Titleist , Callaway , Maxfli , Precept , Nike , Srixon, Wilson , Optima , Top Flite , Pinnacle , Strata

in UK: Titleist , Callaway , Nike , Top Flite , Wilson , Srixon , MaxFli , Pinnacle , Dunlop , Strata , Slazenger

in USA: Callaway , Titleist , Nike , Maxfli , Wilson , Top Flite , Precept , Slazenger , Pinnacle , Ping , Strata

Optima TS 

Models Alphabetically

ad-333 , b330 , b330-s , big bertha , clr clear , clr pink , d feel star , d-force star , distance , dna , d-tec higher launch , d-tec softer feel , e5 , e6 , ev classic , exception , extreme distance , extreme straight , eyes , eyes viper , flite feel , flite XL Extreme , fx9 distance , fx9 spin , gold distance yellow , hawk , hx hot , hx pearl , hx tour , hx tour 56 , ignite , laddie , laddie extreme , lady , lady gold , lady s III , LC , mc lady , mojo , noodle ICE , noodle-lady , noodle normal , noodle rotini , nxt , nxt tour , one black , one platinum , power drive , power flight , power lady , power long , power soft , pro ut , pro v1 , pro v1x , smartcore - Spin Distance , smartcore-Straight-Distance , soft feel , soft feel for ladies , solo , spin control , SS sure spin , super far , super lady , super soft , ti dna , Tour Deep , tour deep , tour extreme , TP black , TP red , ts , ts plus , ts tour , ultra, u-tri extra spin , v8 , warbird , xp3, xt , yellow , ZUR-C 

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Precept Laddie Extreme

Golf Ball Sellers and Distributors

Finally, there are many sellers on eBay selling the same balls. 
Don't forget to select a Reputable Seller - have your friends or family bought from them before?
Check their feedback closely, see if they deliver items as described and in a timely fashion. 
More than just the Feedback Score - Check the total Feedback received - are there lots of returning customers?
 If this number is much higher than their Feedback Score you can be confident that you will also want to return to them for more of your purchases!

So next time your Club or Committee would like to save some money buying balls for its members - Don't forget to checkout eBay!


Wilson Ultra 

Other Golf Ball Facts:


To be recognized and approved by the USGA, a golf ball must meet the following:
  1. Weight: The weight of the ball shall not be greater than 1.620 ounces avoirdupois (45.93 gm).
  2. Size: The diameter of the ball shall not be less than 1.680 inches (42.67 mm).
  3. Spherical Symmetry: The ball must not be designed, manufactured or intentionally modified to have properties which differ from those of a spherically symmetric ball.

Srixon AD3333


The modern golf ball consists of rubber thread wound around a rubber core and coated with dimpled enamel.
Most golf balls on sale today have about 300 - 450 dimples.

Dimples first appeared on golf balls more than 100 years ago when golfers discovered that balls which had been scratched or roughed up traveled further than smooth balls.

The Dimples result in less drag and more lift than would a smooth ball.

To get right into the physics I recommend looking for the article titled "Golf Ball Dimples & Drag" on the aerospaceweb Site.
Another good one is "Why does a golf ball have dimples?" from the page "Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment, Recreation and Machines - Golf - Instructor" on The "K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook" Website.

Titleist So Lo


The compression rating of golf balls usually range from 70-110.
  • Low compression balls have a rating of 70-80. Such balls are soft and are easily deformed or compressed when hit, best for Players with slow swings.
  • Medium compression balls with a compression rate of 90 are preferred by most advanced golfers.  These medium compression balls provide both softness and ease of control.
  • High compression balls with a 100-110 compression rating are hard and less likely to deform upon impact.. A high compression ball is ideal for those whose club head speeds are high and usually use extra stiff flex clubs.


Recreational 'Distance' Balls: (Two Piece - most durable and maximum distance)

The most common golf ball on the course is the two-piece golf ball. This is a tough, durable ball usually with a solid inner core and a hard Surlyn cover. These balls have little spin and little feel. They are great for the average golfer due to their low cost. The advance two-piece balls do offer more feel. They often have cores made form a soft material, sometimes even liquid. These golf balls offer more feel and cost only a little bit more.

These two piece golf balls are what every 80+ player should use. You are less likely to hook or slice this ball as it doesn't spin as much. Also, these balls go farther than soft/multi cover balls. And at the low price, it won’t hurt as much if you loose them in the water or out of bounds.

Advanced 'Spin' Balls:

The Multi-layer ball, either three, or four piece golf ball has a core, which can be solid or made up of liquid or gel, one or two layer(s) of wounded thread surrounding that, and then a Surlyn cover. These balls are a bit more expensive but for the more advanced player will benefit from them. Suited to those averaging low 80’s, upper 70’s.

The Balata ball has a rubber band wound core, surrounded by a Soft rubber-like material called Balata. These balls are very flimsy and often will not hold up to the average players round. They do lack in distance, compared to a two-piece or multilayer ball.  Professionals prefer these balls as they do offer more spin, and stop faster on the green. More spin however, emphasizes side-spin, resulting in more slices and hooks.

Nike Ignite

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