Golf Umbrellas - Variations and ways to measure

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Golf Umbrellas are Generally Classified as Large umbrellas with an arc size of 127cm(50") - 173cm(68")


  • Single or Double Canopy
  • Stick or Folding: straight handle, or Telescope design.
  • Canopy Materials: may be made of Nylon, 
  • Frame and Rib Materials: may be made of Steel, Fiberglass or Wood.
  • Handle: may be made of Rubber, Wood, or EVA (plastic)
  • Manual or Automatic Open: Automatic Umbrellas Spring Open at the touch of a button, Manual Umbrellas require you to push them open.
  • Wind Resistant: Often contains Vents/Open areas on the top of the umbrella which allow air to flow through. Prevents the umbrella from turning inside out.
  • Extra UV Protection: UV protection factor 50+. Many Brands add a specail coating which provides optimum skin protection; and blocks 96% of harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Caddy/Bag Cover: is a small Umbrella designed specially for your golf bag while out on the course so your equipment does not get wet. 56cm(22")


There are two methods used to Measure the Size of an Umbrella: Arc or Diameter.  Some companies describe their umbrella sizes in Arc while others use Diameter.  So its worth researching yoor brand to work out which size they use before you buy.
Arc: When an umbrella is open, the measurement from one side over the top to the other side.
Diameter: When an umbrella is open, the measurement from one tip across the umbrella to the opposite tip.

Some common Golf Umbrella Sizes include:
173cm(68") Arc, 152cm(60") diameter.
163cm(64") Arc, 140cm(54") diameter
137cm(55") Arc, 113cm(44.5") diameter

Length: Can be either the Length when folded or Open.
Stick Umbrellas are often:
Folding Umbrellas are often:


Most major golf brands have their logo printed on some of these Popular Golf Umbrella Manufacturers:
  • BirdiePal: (Windflex: Silver Metallic with 50+ UV Protection.  Only weighs 1.4 Pounds. 60.6"Arc, 52.4"diameter)
  • Gustbuster: patented wind panel design that handles winds up to 60 mph.
    Pro Series Gold 62",  Tour Size 68" Two Sizes 48", 58" Arc
  • Haas-Jordan: Available in 68" and 62" Sizes: Hurricane 345 and Pro-Line, The Birdie (62"),
  • Samsonite:
  • ShedRain: 4117 WindPro Golf (68"arc), 4532 Gellas ™ Golf
  • Sun Mountain: (60" Diameter, 68" Arc)

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