Golf game improvement with little time to spare

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How to improve your golf game, if you dont have too many hours spare to practice.

1/ Book into a PGA Golf Professional for a lesson, either at your home club or nearest golf course.

2/ Make sure you can allow at least 1 hours practice per week to help put what you have learnt into practice.

3/ Practice doesent always mean hitting golf balls, simply just swinging a golf club in the back yard working on what you have learnt is a good thing.

4/ Buy some plastice golf balls that only travel a short distance to help with the feel of the golf swing.

5/ Try to get to the golf course at least 1/2 prior to your round, the warm up is the most vital preperation for getting golf round off to a good start.

I hope these tips help you, so even if you dont have alot of time to practice even a little bit of prctice can help you improve your golf game.

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