Goodrich Tyre Buying Guide

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Goodrich Tyre Buying Guide

The Goodrich Company made a name for itself in the aerospace industry. The tyre brand has since been sold, but even under new ownership, Goodrich tyres continue as one of the leaders on the market. The brand prides itself on providing tyres that are capable of bringing out the best in a car. Cars come with their own tyres, of course, but tyres must be replaced periodically for safety, or sometimes to improve the car's performance. Even if a buyer has already decided to go with the Goodrich brand, there are still plenty of other decisions to make, in order to ensure the tyres match both the vehicle and the driver's driving style. A little knowledge makes these decisions easier.

Why Buy Tyres

Tyres can be expensive and buying them can be a hassle. Most people avoid buying tyres when they can, but there are times when it is unavoidable. How to go about buying tyres depends in part on what is wrong with the old tyres that they need replacement.

When Tyres Are Worn Out

The working life of a tyre varies, but generally six years of use, or of sitting in storage in a sunny area, is about enough. Learn the signs of worn or damaged tyres. If the old tyres worked well, then buy the same kind again. Car companies put a lot of effort into matching tyres to their vehicles, so unless there is actually a problem, chances are good that the original tyres are the best kind. If the suggested brand is too expensive, see if the car manufacturer lists an alternate, lower cost tyre for the same car. If the original tyres are not available, look for something similar.

When Tyres Are Damaged

Damaged tyres also need to be replaced, but it is worth finding out why and how the damage happened. If the tyres themselves were defective, then obviously do not buy that kind again. But if the tyres were over-inflated or the wheels were misaligned, then fixing these problems is important to making the next tyres last longer. If in any doubt, consult a professional to find out what went wrong with the tyre and how to prevent it happening again, since tyre failure can be dangerous.

When Tyres Do Not Work Well

Not all tyres work as desired. Some cars are sold with performance tyres, because these are popular, but many drivers do not need performance tyres and would appreciate a more comfortable ride. Other drivers do not have performance tyres and want them. The point is that wrong tyres can be replaced, but that some thought needs to go into the choice.

Choosing Goodrich Tyres

The heart of buying tyres, including Goodrich tyres, is, of course, selecting the tyres to buy. That means looking at the size, type, and season of the tyres. Some of these characteristics are simply up to the buyer to choose, while others really have to be matched to the vehicle. It is possible to get wheel and tyre packages as well.

Get the Numbers

New tyres must, of course, fit the vehicle. This means getting the right size, load range, and speed rating. These are listed on a tyre's sidewall, and the simplest way to find out what the numbers should be is to check the old tyres to see what they list, assuming the old tyres worked reasonably well.

Tyre Season

Different road conditions call for different tyres. Now, changing the tyres every time the weather changes is just not practical, but changing tyres seasonally sometimes makes sense. For most parts of Australia, all-season tyres are just that, tyres for all seasons. They can handle both dry and wet conditions as well as the occasional light snowfall. But for people who live in very snowy areas, drive often off-road, or need high-performance tyres for on-road driving, different tyre styles might make the difference.

Snow Tyres

Tyres that do very well on snow and ice tend not to do as well on dry or wet roads. The reverse is also true. Snow tyres should therefore only be used in winter and in areas where below-freezing temperatures or snow are common.

All-Terrain Tyres

As the name implies, all-terrain tyres are designed for off-road use. They can be used on roads, but they are very noisy. Off-road, they grip dirt, rocks, and mud very well.

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are not quite the opposite of snow tyres. While snow tyres are necessary for driving through a lot of snow, summer tyres are not necessary for summer. Instead, these are high-performance tyres for high-performance vehicles. They are called summer tyres because they do not perform as well in cold weather.

Tyre Rating

Speed ratings are a single letter that refers to the tyre's handling and maximum safe speed. Few people need the speed of a high-rated tyre, but many appreciate the crisper handling. For a more comfortable ride, go with a lower rating. Terms such as performance tyre or touring tyre generally refer to ranges of tyre speed ratings, although the use of these terms in advertising can be misleading. For example, S and T tyres are often referred to as performance tyres, even though they do not actually provide the handling this term implies.

This table shows the letter speed ratings, together with their maximum speed and the kind of vehicle each is typically used for. Note that the letters are not quite in alphabetical order. Note also that a higher rating does not automatically mean a better tyre; some vehicles really need the lower rated tyres in order to function properly.

Tyre Speed Rating

Maximum Speed (km per hour)

Typical Use



Off-road vehicles and light trucks



Temporary spare tyre



Temporary spare tyre



Winter 4x4 vehicles



Heavy duty light truck



Family sedans and vans



Family sedans and vans



Sedans and coupes



Sport sedans and coupes



Sports cars



Sports cars



Sports cars



Sports cars

All four of a vehicle's tyres should have the same rating. Otherwise, real handling problems might develop. If mixing ratings is necessary, the lower-speed-rated tyres should go on the front wheels, no matter which is actually the drive axle. Lower ratings than L do exist, but are rarely used.

How to Buy Goodrich Tyres on eBay

Goodrich tyres are easy to buy through eBay, new or used. The selection is very good. A few tips on how to search the site should help.

Finding Goodrich Tyres on eBay

If you already know what kind of tyre you want, use theAdvanced Searchfeature to go right to it. If you prefer to browse, use a simple search for Goodrich tyres and see what is available. You can also try eBay Deals, where the best prices of the day are listed. Some Goodrich tyres might be on the list.

Buying Goodrich Tyres on eBay with Confidence

If you have any questions about tyres listed on eBay, do not hesitate to ask the seller. A contact link is listed on the seller's profile page, along with his or her feedback score and policies. Some sellers offer free shipping; keep an eye out for those, as tyres can be heavy, hence expensive to ship.


It is easy to overlook the fact that buying a car eventually means buying tyres. Tyres get old, or damaged, or just do not work quite right, and it is time to get new ones. If they buyer has not thought about buying tyres before, the whole process can seem kind of overwhelming, but just a little research at the beginning can make buying tyres seem much simpler. First, to fit on the car, the new tyres must be the right size and have the right minimum speed and load ratings. This information can be found on the tyre's sidewall. Next, consider how the tyre should handle and what kinds of driving conditions it must meet. There is really not much more to it.

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