Got an unpaid item strike?.

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Ok here's the scenario. You spend a lot of money purchasing items on ebay, you have been doing it for years and you have built up an exellent reputation over time.

One day you purchase an item, not the most expensive item you have purchased, but the price looks good and it's a new item so you go with it. Everything goes smoothly until it comes time to pay and THEN you find out the seller only has credit card or international bank wire tranfer facilities.

If you are not aware of it, "direct bank deposit" and "wire transfer" are two completely different things. The former usually comes as a free service, especially if you deposit cash directly into the trader's own bank (ANZ wetpac etc...), the latter on the other hand can cost you a fortune ($50+).

 Contrary to popular belief, not everyone has a credit card, or if they do, some feel less than comfortable using it online.

So here you are, you want the item but the extra expense and inconvenience imposed makes it unsuitable.

A week goes by and you get an unpaid item strike, what can you do?

Well YOU are a valuable member of the ebay community, YOU are what makes this system work, why should YOU pay the price "twice" for being conned by unscrupulous traders? the answer is you don't have to.

Send Ebay a firm but polite letter threatening to boycott their services in future if the strike is not immediately removed. Remind them that without you and people like you Ebay would not exist, invite them to examine your purchase record and ask them if they feel they can do without your patronage. AND BE PREPARED TO FOLLOW THROUGH!

Ebay has very little choice but to comply with demands like this... and so they should. I agree that for some people who abuse the system repeatedly, this strategy wont and shouldnt work. But for the rest of us, why should we have to put up with a strike against our good name?

You have probably noticed a lot of traders lately offering rediculously low prices for their items, in the hope that you will be blinded long enough not to notice the ridiculous shipping and handling charge. If Ebay is not even prepared to put a stop to this deliberately shonky behaviour, then why shouldnt we consumers do everything within our power to protect ourselves from fallout caused by such traders.



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