Goth vs. Steampunk Boots

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Goth vs. Steampunk Boots

Both gothic (or goth) and steampunk are major fashion subcultures around the world. Though they share some interests, most of their agendas and styles are very different. The gothic style borrows heavily from Elizabethans, Victorians, and Punks. It is distinguished by its dark and sometimes morbid presence. On the other hand, steampunk style is influenced by the American Wild West and Victorian England. Though this style is a bit dark as well, certain adornments are present in steampunk that are not part of goth, and vice versa. Boots are incredibly important to the aesthetic of both goth and steampunk fashion. However, these boots are as diverse as these two subcultures.

 By looking at the definitions of both goth and steampunk, as well as fashion and boots in particular, buyers can see the similarities and differences between these two styles of boots. Buyers can find goth and steampunk boots for sale at specialty stores and from online retailers, such as eBay

What is Goth?

Goth is a popular subgenre that is classified by its morbidity. Many people gravitate toward it because it focuses on the dark or gloomier sides of life. A large number of people who appreciate this subculture enjoy horror movies, dark fiction, black clothing, and gloomy music; however, each person is an individual, and their own particular interests may be different. There is no belief system involved in goth. More than anything else, goth is a style aesthetic.

Popular in culture today and in previous decades, the goth subculture exists on every continent. The early 1990s saw an insurgence of goth culture with Anne Rice's popular vampire novels, including "The Vampire Lestat" and "Interview with the Vampire". The clothing worn in these vampire novels heavily influenced the way goths dressed. The film, "The Crow" also debuted in the early 1990s, influencing both lifestyle and fashion.

As far as fashion, goths tend to wear dark clothing. Black, dark burgundy, and dark navy blue hues are all quite popular. Leather is a big part of the goth scene, with adornments like shoes and belts made from leather. Metals are also popular, and are incorporated into the fashion. Both men and women wear dark makeup. Goth fashion is meant to convey a mysterious and dark sense of an individual.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunks embrace the pre-industrial sensibilities of the American Wild West and Victorian England, and juxtapose it with modern sensibilities and technologies. The name comes from steam-powered machinery, in fact. Major concepts of steampunk include science fiction and retro-futurism, in which mainstays from the past become more prevalent in the future. Steampunks act these out by means of fashion, invention, design, literature, film, and music. There is an element of fantasy, and a thick aesthetic involved, though steampunks follow no single belief system or religion.

Steampunk fashion can involve corsets, gowns, petticoats, top hats, and bustles. Though much of the clothing is dark, it is not a requirement. The colour scheme is representative of the periods being reimagined. Clothing adornments and accessories are very important to this subgenre. Many mechanical pieces, like exposed timepieces and stylised prosthetics are examples of common adornments.

Goth Boots

Goth boots are almost exclusively black in colour. Many are made from a shiny, patent leather. Nearly all have a large sole that gives the wearer a lift in stature. Platform-style goth boots are most common, where the sole of the shoe is very thick from heel to toe. Red is often used as an accent colour, though dark blues and purples are also acceptable. Goth boots are made from leather, or a leather-type material, such as synthetic leather and leatherette. Most of these boots have additional buckles and straps. Some have spikes. Most of these boots extend to the lower calf, at least. Some extend beyond the knee.

Steampunk Boots

Steampunk boots are usually dark in colour, but are not exclusively black. They range from browns with red hues, to light brown, to dark black. They often have a worn exterior, as if the wearer has been walking the streets of the Wild West for days. Gold accents are common, as well as ties and straps. Heel types and sizes vary. While men's boots tend to have a work boot style sole, women's boots can be flat, kitten-heeled, or have a high heel. The diversity of these boots is representative of the many types of characters involved in this sub genre.

Comparing Goth and Steampunk Boots

When viewed by an outsider, goth and steampunk styles may seem to be very similar, yet they are actually quite different. When viewed closely, it becomes clear that these two subcultures exhibit entirely different aesthetics, especially when it comes to footwear. Though both use leather, or leather-like materials, goth boots are almost exclusively black with minor accent colours. Steampunk boots, on the other hand, often display earthy colours. This may include black, but steampunk boots are just as likely to be brown, dun-colored, gray, or even yellow. In fact, many steampunk boots are multi-tone. Detailing on steampunk boots is reflective of the Victorian or Wild Western time frame, and is usually gold in colour. However, goths use many more straps, and silver adornments, as well as spikes, which are representative of a subculture and not a time in history.

How to Buy Goth and Steampunk Boots on eBay

For many people, items like goth and steampunk boots can be difficult to find. This is especially true for people in rural areas. However, eBay makes it extremely easy for people to find styles that match their sense of style. This is in part due to the wide variety of items and deals listed on eBay every day.

Perhaps you are looking for a pair of women's "brown steampunk boots". If you include that information in your search, eBay returns all items that match those particular keywords. If you find that your choices are too broad, you can include more specific information to narrow the results. It is easy to find men's "leather goth boots" by searching or by browsing.

Before shopping, it is always a good idea to determine a budget. This way you can be happy with the purchase that you made, and not feel as if you paid too much, which can result in buyer's remorse. Be sure of an item before you commit to buy. Remember, the seller is available to answer questions that you may have. They are often very familiar with their products. Most of all, have fun shopping.


The goth and steampunk subcultures are fascinating, but different. Goths have a much more morbid set of interests and dress. Their style is a bit less varied. It is independent of any moral stance, but looks to examine the darker parts of life. Steampunks have a fantasy element involved in their subculture. Since the basis for their style is previous time periods with futuristic aspects, it entices fans of the genre to incorporate a science fiction storyline of their own. They, too, have no defined set of beliefs. The styles of dress for goths and steampunks are very different. It is evident that the boots are vastly dissimilar. They share some common aspects by using leather and leather-like materials, and often being dark in shade. However, there are very clear differences between the two, including colour, sheen of material, heels, and adornments. This is not to say that people who are goth cannot wear steampunk boots. Subgenres are clearly all about evolving.

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