Grab A Bargain With Buy It Now For Buyers Negotitate!

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Hi there,

During my earlier stages of ebay I would simply just purchase an item just like that as a Buy It Now listing.
The reason people list an item as Buy It Now is to make money of course but they have already caluclated their profit, listings fees, final value fees and any paypal fees that may be charged. Sellers just want the the sale done quickly.

But does it hurt sending the seller a message stating you will purchase the item at a much lower price? No... Negotiate with the seller..
Whats the worst that can happen? You will just Buy It Now at the original price you were always going to pay.

I am going to copy and past a conversation when i messaged a seller for a cheaper price...
The item was a genuine louis vuitton bag for $250 Buy It Now and at the time it had just under 2 days left to go.

I am interested in the bag but it has a little wear around the zipper pocket console and doesnt look like a mint condition bag. I will buy it right now for $150.

The bag looks great and has an rrp of $879 the cheapest i will go is $190.

Notice the bargaining technique always offer a truly unrealistic price. A price really low that you would be absoloutly shocked by if you bought it at that price and let sellers negotiate back into your price.
Did you also notice i mentioned negative things about the bag... NOTE: Dont say dreadful things but say something that bothers you or something that is evident on the item however always state your interest aswell.

See if i offered $200 even though it is $50 off the sale price the seller would have come back at say $220 or $225.

After all what have you got to lose.

I have managed to grab a bargain the last 3 out 4 times the only reason i didnt get the fourth seller is because he didnt reply to my message. But thats ok he hasnt sold his product now for about 5 weeks and probably spending heaps in listing fees.

Tip: Its always best to write the message when the item has just under 3 days left untill it ends. This lowers the sellers confidence about the demand on the item.
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