Grab a bargain as easy as ABC

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Here are some of my tips, not all of them, on shopping on ebay for a bargain
1 be patient and you will get what you want at the price you want
2 learn to walk away
3 Do not take bidding personally
4 Know what the item you want can be bought for, know the price you want to pay and STICK to it.

OK here is a nice way to hunt down a great bargain first find out what the item CAN be bought for. There are several ways to do this but my favorite is do first do a search for the item, if you are shopping at a big Ebay store put the whole items title in then go down the page on the left hand side you will find a radio button named Completed listings check this the scroll down and hit show items the sort by: price lowest first this will give you the lowest prices the item has been sold for lately it is worth checking the highest price to give you a range.

While checking the price look for patterns i.e. the time of day the lowest prices where made which day the sales where on are the lowest prices going to a particular seller. If it is a particular seller that is getting the make sure you check them out thoroughly, make certain the items are not fakes or have something else wrong with them because sadly you can not rely on Ebay to give you any cover if they are. A lot of time though a seller does not get a good price especially when they start of because of bad advertising, I lost a lot of money on items when I first started and still sell some items below my cost. So if you find this grab the bargain before I do.

Once you have this info you are armed to set a realistic bargain winning price once you have your price STICK to it. As a seller I love human emotion it has got me some crazy profit margins but to be honest I would rather not see it happen. I have had things at auction go for 10 time what I sell them in my Ebay shop now that may sound great but I do not like it I may of made a nice profit on that sale but I am very unlikely to get any future sales from that customer and they will net be happy bargain hunters that I like.
OK once you have your price, that you will stick to, you have to decide how and when to bid go back to you list of completed auctions and check out a few of the listings and look at the bidding history you WILL more than likely notice a few things there will be a name or names that pop up regularly now these are the bids that should interest you. These are more than likely bargain hunters like myself, maybe it is me, now these people have done their homework and worked out the best bargain price and will bid on many items to get the bargains that slip through. What you need to work out is their bidding habits. When did they bid more than likely one of 3 ways

1 Putting the price they want to get the item at just after it was listed check this by clicking Show automatic bids
2 a small bid at the start and the real bid in the last minutes/seconds of the auction
3 just 1 bid just before the auction finished

You may find that this person has won ALL of the items that sold at a real low price what you need to do is find at what price they stop winning this will give you their bargain price, you will be VERY lucky to win under this price so now you need to see if the price you set, that you will stick by, is above this price if so you WILL get the item at the price you want, or below, as long as you are patient all you need to do is keep bidding your price until you win. I have some tips on bidding in my other guides and I will be posting more on bidding in the future

Remember stick by your price and walk away happy to me this is what Ebay should be about happy bidding and remember for every bargain you get do something nice for someone else that way you get a double win.

If you found this to be useful please vote below to let me know and do not forget to check out my other guides and check back I have some great tips and tricks I will be posting in the near future

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