Grand Prix Greats Juan Manuel Fangio Mike Hawthorn Moss

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Grand Prix Greats

This is one of many illustrated classic Grand Prix guides I've created for the community. I hope you enjoy it. If you wish to find out more about the classic Grand Prix art featured in this guide please click here.

This guide proviles nine of Gran Prix's greatest ever drivers. Racing heroes from Fangio to Senna, they represent an elite band of men who were blessed with an exceptional talent for the sport of motor racing.

Juan Manuel Fangio

Born: Balcarce, Argentina, 24 June 1911

Died: Balcarce, Argentina, 17 July 1995

Career: 1950-1958

Races: 51

Points: 277.5

Pole: 28

Fastest Laps: 23

Comment: Five time World Champion with an unserpassed record 24 wins from 51 starts.

Wins: 24

1950 Monaco, Belgian, French (Alfa-Romeo), 1951 Swiss, French, Spanish (Alfa-Romeo), 1953 Italian (Maserati), 1954 Argentine, Belgian (Maserati), Italian (Mercedes), 1955 Argentine, Belgian, Dutch, Italian (Mercedes), 1956 Argentine (shared), British, German (Lancia-Ferrari), 1957, Argentine, Monaco, French, German (Maserati)

Mike Hawthorn

Born: Mexborough, Yorkshire, England,  10 April 1929

Died: Guildford, Surrey, England,  22 January 1959

Career: 1952-1958

Races: 45

Points: 127.5

Pole: 4

Fastest Laps: 6

Comment: Britain's first World Champion in 1958.

Wins: 3

1953 French (Ferrari), 1954 Spanish (Ferrari), 1958 French (Ferrari)

Stirling Moss

Born: West Kensington, London, England, 17 September 1929

Career: 1951-1962

Races: 66

Points: 186.5

Pole: 16

Fastest Laps: 19

Comment: Greatest driver never to have won the World Championship.

Wins: 16

1955 British (Mercedes-Benz), 1956 Monaco, Italian (Maserati), 1957 British (shared), Pescara, Italian (Vanwall), 1958 Argentine (Cooper), Dutch, Portuguese, Moroccan (Vanwall), 1959 Portuguese, Italian (Cooper), 1960 Monaco, United States (Lotus), 1961 Monaco, German (Lotus)

Graham Hill

Born: London, England, 15 February 1929

Died: Arkley, England, 29 November  1975

Career: 1958-1975

Races: 176

Points: 289

Pole: 13

Fastest Laps: 10

Comment: Twice World Champion, 1962 and 1968. Also won Indianapolis 500 in 1966 and Le Mans 24-hours in 1972.

Wins: 14

1962 Dutch, German, Italian, South African (BRM), 1963 Monaco, United States (BRM), 1964 Monaco, United States (BRM), 1965 Monaco, United States (BRM), 1968 Spanish, Monaco, Mexican (Lotus), 1969 Monaco (Lotus)

Jim Clark

Born: Kilmany, Scotland, 14 March 1936

Died: Hockenheim, Germany, 7 April 1968

Career: 1960-1968

Races: 72

Points: 274

Pole: 33

Fastest Laps: 28

Comment: The greatest driver of the post-war era who captured two world titles.

Wins: 25

1962 Belgian, British, United States (Lotus), 1963 Belgian, Dutch, French, British, Italian, Mexican, South African (Lotus), 1964 Dutch, Belgian, British (Lotus), 1965 South African, Belgian, French, British, Dutch, German (Lotus), 1966 United States (Lotus), 1967 Dutch, British, United States, Mexican (Lotus), 1968 South African (Lotus)

John Surtees

Born: Westerham, Kent, England,  11 February 1934

Career: 1960-1972

Races: 111

Points: 180

Pole: 8

Fastest Laps: 11

Comment: Won world title in 1964 for Ferrari and gained the distinction of being the only man to win world titles on both two and four wheels.

Wins: 6

1963 German (Ferrari), 1964 German, Italian (Ferrari), 1966 Belgian (Ferrari), Mexican (Cooper), 1967 Italian (Honda).

Jochen Rindt

Born: Mainz-, Germany,  18 April 1942

Died: Monza, Italy, 5 September 1970

Career: 1964-1970

Races: 60

Points: 109

Pole: 10

Fastest Laps: 3

Comment: Jochen Rindt has the sad distinction of being the only posthumous World Champion.

Wins: 6

1969 United States (Lotus), 1970 Monaco, Dutch, French, British, German (Lotus)

Gilles Villeneuve

Born: Quebec, Canada,  18 January 1952

Died: Zolder, Belgium, 8 May 1982

Career: 1977-1982

Races: 67

Points: 107

Pole: 2

Fastest Laps: 8

Comment: Undoubtedly the most naturally gifted driver of his day.

Wins: 6

1978 Canadian (Ferrari), 1979 South African, United States (West), United States (Ferrari), 1981 Monaco, Spanish (Ferrari)

Ayrton Senna

Born: Sao Paulo, Brazil, 21 March 1960

Died: Imola, Italy, 1st May 1994

Career: 1984-1994

Races: 161

Points: 614

Pole: 65

Fastest Laps: 19

Comment: Arguably the greatest of them all.

Wins: 41

1985 Portuguese, Belgian (Lotus), 1986 Spanish, Detroit (Lotus), 1987 Monaco, US (Lotus), 1988 San Marino, Canadian, US, British, German, Hungarian, Belgian, Japanese (McLaren), 1989 San Marino, Monaco, Mexican, German, Belgian, Spanish (McLaren), 1990 US, Monaco, Canadian, German, Belgian, Italian (McLaren), 1991 US, Brazillian, San Marino, Monaco, Hungarian, Belgian, Australian (McLaren), 1992, Monaco, Hungarian, Italian (McLaren), 1993 Brazillian, European, Monaco, Japanese, Australian.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you found it interesting!

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