Grand Theft Auto : GTA Liberty City Stories PSP

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GTA Liberty City Stories, the first time rockstar games blockbuster franchise,  has made it on to a handheld console. Availiable on Sony PSP it packs in all the action of it's older siblings into your pocket. Set in GTA Liberty City Stories the game is a prequel to GTA 3 which was also set in Liberty City. It follows the rise of Toni Ciprian in the criminal underworld as you unleash a one man crime wave on the City.  The game combines many existing gaming genres to create it's own unique gameplay genre. You can drive cars and motorbikes and blast gangsters of the streets with your huge cache of weapons. The game has a open ended gameplay style so you can follow the games story line and complete over 100 missions or for fun just cause chaos on the streets as you go on a rampage of jihad portions. The games ultra violent content may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is alot of fun if it is. Fantastic cut-scene animation and voice acting add to the games appeal. The games numerous radio stations are highlight of the game each spanning different music genres including GTA 3 Rock , Rap and Techno. The DJs and radio ads make for entertaining listening as you cruise around the streets of Liberty City causing trouble. The PSP version of GTA also includes multiplayer a first for the GTA series. You and up to eight friends can play in a variety of multiplayer games like last man standing. I really can't recomend this game enough, if you don't have a PSP this game is a reason to get one alone.
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