Great Photos Increase Sales

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The Basics

Ok, every 'photos' Buyers Guide will explain the basics on how to take good photos for eBay selling. These are:

  • Turn the flash OFF. Flashlight distorts the colours, makes objects too shiny or shows reflections on books, CDs, etc.

  • Place the object in a very naturally lit room (or even outdoors). This is how to get the best, most natural looking photographs.

The Equipment

eBay experts will all attest that the average person can make at least $2,000 selling items just lying around the home that they will never use. Trust me, my husband & I once made $1,000 in one week just selling books and DVD boxed sets that we never wanted anymore.

So if you don't have the following equipment and want to increase your sales, consider getting these as an investment:

  1. Beg, borrow or buy a digital camera. You will save on the cost of unwanted printed photos; they will be the right size and easier to save and download.

  2. Beg, borrow or buy a fairly recent version of Microsoft Office. I have Office 2003 and it has the features you will need.

How to Create Great Photos

  1. Take your photos (always take lots of the same item in order to obtain the best one) and download then into your computer. I have a separate file called "eBay Photos" under 'My Pictures' folder for this purpose.

  2. Open up (double-click on the photo file) and view in "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer"

  3. Right click on the photo and then click on "Open with". Click on "Microsoft Office Picture Manager"

  4. Now here is how you can create those realisitic photos.

  5. Under the "Picture" menu you will have lots of options: 'Auto Correct", "Brightness & Contrast", "Colour", "Crop" and "Resize".

  6. Start playing around with all of these functions and notice how easy it is to improve the photo. For example, Resize the photo by cutting out all unwanted space to leave a fabulous closeup of your item.

  7. Under "Brightness & Contrast", there's a great function called "Advanced Settings" which changes the midtones. This feature is fantastic if your photo doesn't reflect the true colour of the item. By moving it slightly to the left, notice how you can improve the colour tones to obtain the true colour of your item.

  8. Finally don't forget to save your adjusted photo under a different name - just in case you have to go back to the original photo to start again.

I once could not sell two really great garments because I just couldn't get a great photo of them - not even one single watcher. I tried the above - got really great photos and relisted the next week. The second time I had lots of watchers and bidders and sold both items for more than I originally expected.

Have fun with your photos!!

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