Great Set Of Tips For New Sellers On Ebay

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Many people on ebay, try and sell items but ufortunatly fail to do so. one of the main reasons people fail is beause they dont put enough effort into their description.

these are some of the key things you should have to ensure you item sells:

1. Before you even think about selling an item, always research the product first on the site to see if anybody is selling it and how it is doing. there is no use putting in an item that nobody has ever heard of or that nobody wants because then nobody is going to see it and buy your item.

2. Pick a good title. in the your, use as many characters as you can. always put words/tags that will make your item appear when searched for. example; instead of putting 'playstation game for sale' put the name of your playstation game, the condition its in and any other things like the company of the game to ensure peopel see your listing.

3. Have pictures of you items up (preferably for than 1).  alot of people will not trust an item or seller if they can not see visual proof that the seller infact has the item or the item is in good condition. always have an upclose picture of your product/s and make sure your in an area with good lighting and background so your picture stands out and looks professional.

4. Have a reasonable starting price/ buy it now price. be reasonable people. sometime its better to start your item lower so that more people will see that its cheap and have a go at winning it. if the item is good enough, it will make its way up to the price it should be sold at. if your selling something used or old, don't try and sell it for the price you bought it at 5 years ago because it's not worth that much anymore.

5. Always have a good descrption. nobody is gonig to buy your product if you don't 'convince' them to. try and put every detail of the item down so that the buyer knows what is up for sale. make your listings colourful...make them catch the eye of the person viewing your page. also, if your item is slightly damaged or broken, you MUST mention this in your description or when the buyer recieves the goods, they could take action against you.

i hope these set of rules help you when you start thinking about selling your ebay products.



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