Greatest Moments in ICC Cricket World Cup History

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Greatest Moments in ICC Cricket World Cup History

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a major event in the cricket calendar. The tournament began in 1975, taking place every four years. With a television audience of more than a billion, 14 competing teams, and 400 players and officials, it is one of the largest international sports tournaments in the world. This makes it the source of some of the greatest sporting moments, including victorious teams, lightning fast bowling, tremendous feats of athleticism from unexpected quarters, and the birth of Crictainment.


Better late than never

The ICC Cricket World Cup has a 50-over format, with six balls bowled in every over. Each of the 14 competing nations hosts the World Cup on a rotation basis. Although some proud cricketing nations include the greatest sportsmen of their generations, they can go long stretches without World Cup success. India and Bangladesh are prime examples of teams that needed to wait a while for victory.

Indian glory

After a 28-year long spell without triumph in the ICC World Cup, India was victorious in 2011. The team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni took to the crease to give India exactly what it needed to beat Sri Lanka with an unbeaten 91 from 79 balls. Both teams were the best competitors in the tournament, which made them well matched for an exciting battle that provided a fairy tale ending for India's supporters worldwide. Unsurprisingly, Dhoni received the Man of the Match award.

First ever win for Bangladesh

With zero wins against a major Test playing nation, Bangladesh defeated Pakistan in 1999. Until the crunch match, Pakistan had won all its games in the tournament. At the end of the match, fans swarmed the outfield, and people took to the streets in Bangladesh to celebrate the country's first ICC Cricket World Cup victory.


Lightning fast bowling

Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar's balls are so fast they could get a speeding ticket, with an official velocity of 100.23 mph during the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup match against England. He first delivered a thunderbolt of 100.04 mph on a tour of New Zealand, but the officials could not accept the record because one of the guns measuring the speed of the ball had broken down. However, when the legendary speed flashed up on the big screen, there was no doubt that Akhtar was what fans now regard as the fastest bowler in the history of cricket.


One hand is better than two

At over 127 kg, many would expect to see Dwayne Leverock of the Bermuda team in a rugby scrum rather than on a cricket pitch. However, he showed great athletic agility in Bermuda's debut at the ICC Cricket World Cup. Leverock launched himself with great gusto at a cricket ball to the right of him at wide first slip, making one of the most spectacular one-handed catches of the tournament. His gravity-defying leap at full stretch might not have won the match, but it was one of the most heartwarming events in cricket for Bermuda.


The birth of Crictainment

Cricket games typically take place in natural light with the players in cool sport sunglasses wearing cricket whites, one of the most recognisable uniforms in the sporting world. However, the modern game demands vibrant clothing and floodlights to match the entertainment needs of contemporary fans.

The idea of playing cricket under lights became popular in the 1970s, but it was not until the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1992 that floodlights and coloured cricket jerseys became a standard sight on the pitch. Along with new field restriction rules, the clothing and lighting changes created a festive atmosphere for the New Zealand against Australia match in 1992, when Crictainment was born. It led to a demand for day and night matches, with all-white uniforms becoming outdated.


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