Green Amethyst – Is it ALWAYS Synthetic ?

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Green Amethyst – Is it Synthetic ?

Since working in the jewellery industry the whole issue of Green Amethyst has been a ‘hot potato’

We’ve occasionally had jewelers say that Green Amethyst is ‘synthetic’ which has upset the occasional customer but what does this mean ?

This of course depends on what the term ‘synthetic’ is defined to mean

Green Amethyst is usually created from Natural Purple Amethyst but the natural stone is heated to make it green; this is common practice

So does this make the stone synthetic ? ‘No’ because the stone is natural

Does the treatment of the natural stone mean that the green colour is ‘synthetic’ ? ‘Yes’, the colour is synthetic but the stone is not !

…..but remember that heating of gemstones is a common treatment:

All Tanzanites are heated
98% of all Sapphires are heated
98% of all Rubies are heated
99.9% of all Green Amethysts are heated (there are small naturally heated deposits from south western Poland - but the eppearance of these stones is often not attractive due to the uneven heating provided by nature)

… heat treating certainly does not fall out of the realm of ‘normal’

Also note the actual term; ‘Green Amethyst’ is considered a misnomer by some gemologists, who believe that Amethyst must always be Purple in colour.

We at NRS Gems & Diamonds use the term ‘Green Amethyst’ simply since the term is in common use in the retail jewellery industry now whether you like it or not (I just did an eBay search for ‘Green Amethyst’ & close to 5000 finds were returned)

Hope this clears up some of the confusion we see from time to time ?

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