Greenhouse Benches

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Greenhouse Benches.

Greenhouse benches are furniture used to hold plants in a greenhouse. Greenhouse benches can also increase the working space in a greenhouse. Greenhouse benching is important because one can easily attend to his plants with much ease. Benches that have shelves are the most appropriate as they hold more plants in a single bench

Choosing a greenhouse bench design, material and layout can be a formidable task considering the scope of options a grower has. It is very important to decide what the primary objectives of your greenhouse are before you either purchase or design and build a bench system.

There are different kinds of greenhouse benches, but your choice depends on what types of plants you plan to grow and your own personal preference. Greenhouse benching should be observed keenly to ensure that ventilation is improved and to avoid over-crowding of plants that might cause dampness or even accelerate the spread of plant diseases in the greenhouse.
Benches, therefore, are recommended.

Greenhouse benches can be made from concrete, wood, aluminum or even metal that is already galvanized. Each of the benches made from each material has its own advantages. When choosing a greenhouse bench design, you must account for many factors; weight capacity, durability, rot resistance, cost, ease of movement, weight, air flow, water flow, appearance, height and inertness. Regardless of materials chosen for bench construction, a good rule of thumb is to allow support for at least 25 pounds per square foot area.


Wooden benches are the most common of all the benches. They require a lot of maintenance for they have to be treated in order to avoid rotting and being attacked by termites. This is because greenhouses are quite humid and create a good environment for rotting to occur. However, wooden greenhouse benches are easy to repair and move them around the greenhouse with much ease. When one chooses wooden benches, they should keep in mind that these types of benches require high maintenance on a regular basis. This is because besides decay, wood may absorb soil and chemicals that cannot be removed manually. Benches made from cedar, redwood and cypress are the best. These types of wood are highly resistant to decay. They should also be painted with preservatives that are safe around the plants.


Some greenhouses have entire concrete poured benches, reinforced with steel rods, all at once, including the leg supports. These benches are permanent and do not allow for change in position. Unlike wood, concrete benches are durable and will not require additional treatment to prevent decay. They may be reinforced with steel rods, when poured, for additional durability. For drainage purposes, you can also drill holes in the base of the bench.


Entire metal or steel benches are used alone or in combination with another material. Longevity and resistance to rot and decay are some of the advantages of galvanized metals over wood. Metal benches may be expensive to install initially, but can be considered a one-time cost. Also consider the lowered maintenance costs when these types of benches are used.


Aluminum greenhouse benching is one of the best since these benches are durable and not affected by termites or prone to rot. It is one of the most common types of benching used in greenhouses. They are much lighter than wood and can therefore be moved from one place to the other around the greenhouse. This gives the gardener more time to attend to the plants than spending more time repairing the benches. This type greenhouse benching is suitable for plants like tomatoes that can be grown from the ground level during summer.


Although plastics are becoming more common for bench beds, plastic frames are not always desirable. They are often not as durable or able to support as much weight as other benching materials. However, prefabricated plastic benches are a good option when it comes to portability since they are lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another.

A greenhouse bench is by far the most important purchase in any greenhouse. This is because it can make a huge difference when it comes to gardening. Greenhouse benches can increase the working space in a greenhouse and improve efficiency in your greenhouse.

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