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There are many different types of greenhouse watering system but the most common system used is the micro irrigation system or more commonly called drip irrigation. Tests have shown that the proper use of an irrigation system can improve your plant growth by as much as 70%

Too much or Too little:

Over watering your plants is a mistake many make because it really is hard to judge
how much water the plants need. Over watering plants can cause them to rot, get
fungal infections and perish. Likewise it’s very easy to under water causing the soil to
dry out and the plants to wilt. I would suggest investing in a watering system as soon as you have your greenhouse erected. Or better still whilst it’s being built as it’s far easier to install the pipe work at this stage than later.

Low Maintenance:

A good irrigation system is extremely handy. No longer will you have to walk down to the greenhouse twice a day to do the watering. A proper system, installed correctly, will give you many years of service with very little maintenance and upkeep. Drip irrigation slowly applies a flow of water to the roots of your plants and vegetables. There is very little waste or evaporation because the water gets straight to the roots in the soil. This is ideal no matter what climate you are in as you don’t need to take into account evaporation by the sun and wind.

Increase Plants Production & Efficiency:

Watering your greenhouse by hand is the most common practice for small greenhouses. If you have a larger greenhouse or want to take a more professional approach I would suggest getting an automated system. This is an ideal way of increasing your production and keep your venture efficient. Not only will this save you time in the long run you will save money too. You may think that watering by hand is a cheap alternative to paying out for automated equipment. But our studies have shown that the price of equipment is
quickly recouped by watering plants correctly and evenly. When watering by
hand you can never be sure what plants have been overlooked and which plants
have been saturated. The price of replacing damaged plants could be easily
avoided by automating your process from the beginning.

Offset Labour Cost:

If you run a professional growing business or maybe thinking of starting one up then you need to consider the cost of employing labour. An efficient greenhouse watering system is fairly simple to install and will cost much less to run than the amount you will have to pay out in labour for a season. Prices will vary depending on the size of the area and the type of plants being grown. Some plants will need watering more frequently. Some less frequently but with more water. If you are watering hanging baskets or small size containers then drip irrigation is the best choice. However if you are working with larger containers then it maybe worth looking into a spray system as an alternative.

Watering systems for greenhouse enable you to provide your plants with water as & when they require it with maximum efficiency & minimum effort.

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