Grow – Indoor Sunflower Garden

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Grow – Indoor Sunflower Garden.

Wouldn’t it be nice to grow your own indoor sunflower garden before spring comes? Sunflowers are easy to grow and light up a place or garden. They are a great addition to any home because they add beauty, a sunny look, a spring feel. Their bright heads are beautiful. Sunflower plants look wonderful, dotted among shrubs, at the back of an informal flower border, or at the center of an island bed.

Growing sunflowers from seed is quite easy. The seeds are big and relatively quick to germinate. If you plant them in your vegetable garden, the best spot is at the north edge so these tall annuals don't shade other plants. With a little work, one can bring this towering giant of the flower world into the home

 With a 'Grow Your Own Sunflower Garden' kit, growing a beautiful sunflower garden can start right now.  No need to wait for spring to plant this sunflower garden, you can start it indoors in the comfort of your own home!

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Sunflowers are among those flowers which require a lot of light so the people who want to grow sunflowers indoors must have a proper arrangement of light. The best thing you can do in this regard is to use a fluorescent light to grow your sunflowers indoors. Fluorescent lights are quite beneficial for growing sunflowers indoors whether you are growing them in winter or growing them to plant outdoors later.

Here are some easy tips to grow sunflowers indoors.

•    Pots: Prepare pots where will plant your sunflower. Fill the pots with a fertile potting mix containing moss, peat and compost. If you have a plan to transplant the seedlings later, you can use small pots. But make sure that these pots should have a diameter of at least one foot so that they can handle large roots of sunflowers. Teddy Bear and Big Smile are two best choices of sunflower varieties for indoor sunflower gardening as they can’t grow more than two feet tall.
•    Planting the seeds. In doing this, make sure that you are planting two or three seeds in a pot. Dirt - Well fertilized dirt is best to get these flowers growing.
•    After sowing the seeds almost two inches deep, water them well. Water - Spring water is full of the minerals and vitamins that a sunflower needs without the impurities that they do not need.
•    A well lit window - There is a reason that these flowers are called sunflowers. As natural light is best for the growth of sunflowers, place the pots in a sunny window.

•    Using fluorescent lights. Fluorescent light is used to fulfill deficiency of exposure to natural light in winter. Try using the brightest fluorescent light for your indoors sunflowers and put the lights in a fixture which is capable of holding two tubes. Arrange these lights in such a way that they are few inches away from the soil surface. The purpose of using lights is to make sure that sunflower seeds receive 12 hours of light in a day either all light from fluorescent tubes or by the combination of natural and artificial light.

•    When you see that your seedlings have begun to grow, raise the lights to provide them enough room for their growth. Ensure that lights are always a few inches from the tallest plant.

•    Fluorescent lights should be kept on indoors sunflowers for their whole life to make sure that your sunflowers are getting lights for 12 hours a day until the plants begin to produce flowers.

These steps are quite simple so you can easily follow them to make your home looming bright even in gloomy winter season. Sunflowers are most loved flowers because in summer, they add color to your garden and in winter, potted sunflowers indoors brighten a sad and dull winter day. You start growing your own sunflower garden now the comfort of your own home and simply watch it grow.

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