Growing Frangipani from seed

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With all the seeds now being sold on ebay it is essential the buyers know how to go about planting them to grow in Australian conditions and not Thailand conditions as is sent out with most seeds. Frangipani seeds need temperatures over 20c to grow so it is usually done from mid spring to late summer for best results. Winter grown ones are a lot slower growing even if you use a heating set up and you will see the difference if you do it. They must also be kept out of direct sun until they are hardened off at a later stage.

You need a good quick draining seed raising mix for best results, spread it out in a seedling tray so it is not quite full to the top and it is fairly even. Some people like to plant the seeds upright but this is not how they grow in nature, lay the seeds flat on the mix, you can do it in rows or just spread out then using a strainer spinkle more of the mix over them to a depth of 4 to 5 mm, by straining it you have a lighter mix over the seeds. Now you need to soak the tray, you can do this with a watering can(very gently) or by submerging it in a tub, I  recomend adding seasol or similar to the water and also you can add hydrogen peroxide(3%) which will aerate the mix and kill any bacteria that can cause fungal diseases, add 100 ml to the litre of water. If you have any superthrive this can also be added, soak the tray and seeds(re cover any seeds that need it) and remove and let drain. I retain the remaining water and put it into a spray bottle to spray over the seed tray if it starts to dry out. You should have seedlings pop up anytime after 1 week and up until 4 weeks(depending on temp), after 2 weeks if they havent done a lot you can re wet the tray as per the first time, I usually find a lot are showing growth within the next day or so after this. Just remember to not let it dry out  and once the seedlings appear you will need to spray them if the husks are still attached to the seedling, these need to be kept soft and subtle to be removed. The first set of leaf like appendices are the cotelydons, they are feeding the seedling, you will then get the true leaves growing above them, I usually transfer them once they have 6 plus leaves and are at least 10 cm high. Re pot them into bigger pots and water in well then put them where they will recieve dappled sunlight, I try to keep the seedlings protected until they have been through their first winter then they can go outside in the sun.


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