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Many people now prefer to grow their own vegetables from home especially because of the health benefits derived from eating organic foods. There are a lot of different methods used to grow vegetables including the humble backyard garden however increasing in popularity is the use of greenhouses to grow many types of fruits and vegetables. This advanced technique is actually one of the best and easiest ways to grow vegetables for your daily consumption.

Tomatoes are high on the list as one of the most popular organic foods to grow at home. In fact, for many gardeners and even farmers it is a very successful crop that returns excellent rewards for effort. Basically, many people prefer cucumber and lettuce to grow in an indoor garden. But relatively, tomatoes are just as easy to grow indoors. Plus the market demand for high quality tomatoes is always high because of their high protein content and other essential minerals. Growing tomatoes is not a big challenge for any grower however to produce high quality tomatoes can be a bit difficult if proper gardening methods are not used.

Before you start with actual production, it is important to choose appropriate tomato cultivars. Because, tomatoes demand basically depends on their size, shape, and color. The main advantage of using high quality cultivar is a total freedom from cracks, low disease resistance, and low production. Better greenhouse tomato cultivar grows almost 30 - 40 feet for a 10 month season. Some modern species of tomatoes are more disease resistant that their older one. So, you have high production level and simple pollination methods. There are two major cultivar categories available on the market. One is Beefsteak and other is Cluster.

The Beefsteak category of cultivars can produce large tomatoes that can weigh 6-8 ounces each. Famous cultivars include Jumbo, Laura, Caruso and Trend. All of these cultivars can be grown in Greenhouses and can produce sufficient amount of fruits with high quality. But two cultivars from this category Trust and Math are susceptible to small cracks on their surface. You can avoid such problems by controlling greenhouse temperature and moisture.

The Cluster category is also very popular these days. These vine-ripened tomatoes are known by different names as cluster tomatoes, truss tomatoes, cluster harvested tomatoes, and also vine tomatoes. It is the most widely grown tomato crop around the world. Cluster tomatoes are very similar to their beefsteak category tomato crops with the only difference being that the plant is longer and tomatoes are in cluster form. These tomatoes are high quality in shape, color and taste and also have an excellent shelf life.

You can use any crop to grow tomatoes in your greenhouse. However for better production you always need to be careful about the greenhouse environment, temperature, humidity, and you also need to spray pesticides regularly. See more about this in future guides.

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