Gucci Fragrance Buying Guide

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Gucci Fragrance Buying Guide

Scent is a big part of beauty and personal presentation, so the enduring popularity of perfumes, colognes, and other scented products is no surprise. The Gucci name is a standout in the fashion world, and fragrances by Gucci are among the best available. But only a few people know how to buy fragrances. Buying fragrances based on the name Gucci alone, the attractive shape of the bottle, or the way a perfume strip in a magazine smells are all common ways to buy scent and all have hit or miss results. Even a little information on how to talk about scent and what to pay attention to when trying out fragrances can lead to a much better-smelling world.

Buying Gucci Fragrance

Buying Gucci fragrance is not very complex, but knowing the basics of how to talk about these complex scents and the products that carry them makes the buying process much more of a sure thing. Knowing what top notes are, or the difference between perfume and cologne, is a good first step towards buying reliably great fragrances.

The Variety of Scents

A fragrance is not simply a single sensory experience that a person either likes or does not. Instead, each fragrance has multiple notes and, as a fragrance dries on the skin, different notes appear. Top notes are most obvious at the beginning, but these fade, revealing the middle notes. As these fade as well, the base notes come out. A great fragrance not only lasts a long time but also smells great for as long as it lasts. Most people cannot consciously differentiate and name all the notes of a particular scent. They know if they like something, but not being able to say what about a scent is enjoyable makes it difficult to shop for new scents. A good strategy is to try out scents in the same fragrance family as an old favourite.

Fragrance Families

A detailed description of a fragrance, like descriptions of wines, makes little sense to a non-connoisseur. Fortunately, fragrances come in families, groups of scents that share the main middle notes. A buyer who enjoys one scent is likely to enjoy other scents in the same family.


Smells Like






A forest, not like wood specifically


Leather, although it does not contain leather


Flowers, but also fresh and clean


Food, such as chocolate, vanilla, fruit, or spices

There are also blended families, such as chypre or fougere, that combine two or more of the other families in distinctive ways. These still count as families because there are many individual fragrances within the chypre or fougere groups. Some scent families have alternate names, a potential source of confusion.

Fragrance Strengths

Perfumes and colognes and other scented products are not pure fragrance. Instead, each product contains a small amount of fragrance in a scentless carrier such as alcohol, a water-and-alcohol mix, or an oil. Generally, the higher the percentage of fragrance, the higher the cost and the stronger the scent. Words like perfume or eau de toilette are actually technical terms indicating the proportion of scent to carrier.

Eau de parfum, or perfume, is roughly 20 per cent scent. Eau de toilette is roughly ten per cent scent. Eau de Cologne, or cologne, is around two to five per cent scent, while scented creams, powders, and splashes are typically only one to two per cent scent.

Choosing a Scent

Choosing a scent based on a single whiff from a magazine ad is hit or miss at best, for several reasons. First, a fragrance smells differently on skin vs. paper. Second, all fragrances change as they dry, so a single whiff cannot show how the scent changes.

Ideally, try a sample of a scent before buying a bottle, and pay attention to how the scent changes throughout the day. The best way to do this is actually to put the scent on someone else, because the human brain automatically ignores familiar signals. After a few minutes, somebody wearing a scent cannot smell it as strongly as the people nearby can. Do not worry too much about whether the scent is for men or women. Pay attention to whether the wearer smells good. Buying a new supply of a familiar scent online is a good option, but buying something new without trying it means depending on luck.

Avoiding Fake Gucci Fragrances

Buying Gucci fragrance, or any other name-brand scent, from anybody but a reputable dealer, means taking the risk of buying a fake. Of course, some buyers might not care if a bottle of scent is not real Gucci if the price is right and it smells nice, but often fakes do not smell nice. The fake might smell right at first, but then rapidly disappears, or even becomes unpleasant. Some fake fragrances even cause skin problems. To make sure a bottle is real Gucci, look carefully at the label for poor printing or any strange mistakes. Check the texture of the product, since fakes sometimes feel oily.

How to Buy Gucci Fragrance on eBay

To look for scent, try a basic search for Gucci fragrance and browse around or use the Advanced Search option to look for something specific quickly. For the best prices of the day in any category, check out eBay Deals. Use the seller's profile page to look up his or her feedback score and return policy or to use the contact link to ask any question. For trying a new scent, wear a sample, but many people have favourite scents, signature fragrances that become part of someone's personal style. For these old familiar favourites, there is no need to try out before buying, and eBay is a great option.

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