Guess Top and Blouse Buying Guide

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Tops and blouses are a staple item in every woman's wardrobe because they work well for dressy and casual occasions. Most are characterised by feminine details such as lace, frills, and sophisticated looking fabrics. Since 1982 the Guess brand has manufactured all kinds of top and blouse styles for women, and they continue to have a wide selection of fashionable clothing items today. The process of selecting a Guess blouse or top is the same as with any other clothing item. Ladies must find clothing that fits them, looks great on their figure, and is appealing to their own personal sense of style.

How to Find the Right Size

The trouble with buying clothing from various different brands is that the sizing methods are never quite the same. Guess has their own size chart for ladies to use. However, since Guess is an American brand, the clothing is in US sizes and measured in inches. The chart below lists the brand's sizes in US and UK sizes. All women have to do is measure their bust and waist at the widest parts to find their top and blouse size.

Guess Shirt Size

UK Shirt Size

Bust (in)

Waist (in)

























After purchasing the top or blouse, be sure to read the washing instructions. Many fabrics shrink if people wash them in the wrong way which means that a top that used to fit perfectly may be too small later on.

Guess Top and Blouse Features

The Guess shirts have all sorts of features to consider. The sort of sleeves, neckline, and shape of the shirt all have an impact on how casual or dressy the shirt is. Look for the styles and features that are appealing, appropriate for the climate and occasion, and flattering.

Top and Blouse Sleeves

Everyone needs a good selection of shirts for each season in the year. Long sleeves are great for cold months, but can be too hot when the temperatures rise. Be sure to get a good selection of all sleeve types.

In addition to the various sleeve lengths such as three-quarter and full length, there are multiple kinds of cuts available. Dolman sleeves have a wide armhole and are attached to the body of the shirt. They are appealing, but they do make the torso look larger because of all the extra fabric.

Bell sleeves flare out at the wrist or the elbow and have a medieval look. Princess sleeves have a bit of a puff at each shoulder that appears feminine and unique.

Top and Blouse Necklines

The neckline of the shirt frames the neck and can flatter a person's figure when paired up right with their body shape. In general, necklines that stay closer to the neck are more professional, while low necklines that reveal more skin are appropriate as evening wear. Casual tops and blouses can have any sort of neckline.

A neckline can also cause the shoulders to look wide or narrow. Scoop necks and square neckline tops and blouses make the shoulders look wider. V-neck and turtleneck shirts have a slimming effect and draw attention to the neck.

Top and Blouse Shape

Nobody wants to go out in a shirt that is not flattering on their body. The key to being able to dress attractively is knowing how to find apparel that complements the body's best features. By using tops and blouses of different shapes, women can manipulate their appearance of their figures and look how they want to.

Triangle Body Shape

Women with a triangular shaped body typically have wide hips, a small waist, and a narrow upper body. Since the upper body is slender, these women are best flattered by shirts that add a little volume to their shoulders and chest, but are tighter around the midsection. Tops and blouses that flare out at the hemline also create a curved appearance.

Circle Body Shape

Circular bodies have a midsection that is larger than the top and lower portions of the figure. The best way to dress is by wearing tops and blouses that hug the shoulders and chest, but are loose around the stomach. Try not to wear loud patterns or horizontal lines that make the torso look wider than it is.

Hourglass Body Shape

Those with the hourglass figure have the easiest time dressing. Their upper and lower body sections are proportionate in size and they have a slim waist. Choose tops and blouses that show off the curves and stay away from shapeless apparel that hides the figure.

Ruler Body Shape

Ladies with a ruler shaped figure are typically slender and have very few curves. Their hips, waist, and shoulders are similar widths so they must find tops that add the appearance of curves. Empire shaped tops work well. However, button-up blouses often show off the lack of curves. Look for tops and bottoms with embellishments around the shoulders, chest, and hips. For example, ascarf and a wide belt would help create curves.

How to Buy

Women can find new and used Guess tops and blouses as well as daily sales on the eBay Deals page. Shopping online is a great way to browse through a huge selection of Guess products and find the apparel that best flatters your figure. On eBay, there are thousands of sellers with tops and blouses which means that you never run out of options. Use the search bar on each eBay page to pull up a list of Guess apparel. Then find the sellers that offer free postage and have good feedback from their past clients. Also consider buying bundles of used Guess tops and blouses to get your wardrobe full.

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