Guide to Buying Armani Tops and Blouses

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Founded in 1975, Armani was the most acclaimed Italian brand by 2001. What started as a menswear company has now branched out into designs for everyone. Different Armani sub-brands produce men’s casual wear, men’s dress wear, women’s casual wear, women’s dress wear, and a whole line devoted to children’s fashion. Owning an item from such a prestigious and iconic brand can be a fashion triumph, but only when size, style, and colour come together to create a top that flatters the wearer.


Armani Tops and Blouses

Shopping for Armani is a process and tops should not be chosen carelessly. Armani has more than a dozen sub-brands, each with their own specialty and price point. When looking for Armani tops and blouses, the sub-brand is an important starting point. Size and colour also play an important role, as does the needed style. A buyer looking for blouses to wear at work needs something very different from the buyer looking for a casual top for a night out.

Choosing an Armani Sub-Brand

As a designer brand, Armani has a reputation for quality and detail-oriented production. Their clothing both looks and feels good, because it is well made. The Armani family of brands includes custom-made designer options, but it also has affordable, off-the-rack styles. Every Armani sub-brand has its own price point and target consumer. Although no Armani piece can be considered discount, there is a large distinction between a shirt from Armani Exchange tops that can be priced in the low $30s.


The Importance of Appearance

While today’s fashions are more relaxed than ever, an outfit can still make a statement to others. How a person is dressed is also the first part of a first impression. With this in mind, choosing a top or blouse becomes about more than just throwing something on. Think about where the top will be worn. If it needs to go to the office, something dressier is typically appropriate. For casual day wear, knits and tees tend to be the go-to of choice. Armani offers some options that have real versatility with tops that look nice when worn alone, or can be dressed up easily with a cardigan or blazer.


Finding the Right Fit in Armani Clothing

High-end, designer clothing looks better because it uses top of the line materials, and it offers a better fit. Better fitting clothes look tailor made, while off the rack alternatives may bag in one place and feel tight in another. The right fit feels comfortable, looks good and allows good freedom of movement. When trying on clothes, be sure to test the fit by doing a couple of simple motions. Raise both arms to see how far the top rides up. Lean forward to check the neckline. Move both arms to see if the sleeves feel tight or ride up.


Styles of Armani Tops and Blouses

With a variety of tops and blouses, shoppers looking to buy from the Armani brand will have a good selection of choices.


All Armani brands carry T-shirts that can be as simple as a plain T-shirt. Buyers will also find that Armani has embellished tees and graphic tees.


Armani Exchange carries a variety of tanks, from boyfriend tanks to more dressy tanks that can be worn for a nighttime event. Emporio Armani does not offer any tanks.


Both Armani sub-brands carry shirts. For more formal options, buyers should look for silk shirts by Emporio Armani. For more casual options, Armani Exchange has chiffon tops as well as chambray tops.


Sweaters from Armani Exchange are trendier than ones from Emporio Armani. Emporio Armani sweaters tend to be more classic and versatile, while Armani Exchange sweaters may have embellishments or graphics.


Buying an Armani Top or Blouse on eBay

Looking for Armani tops and blouses has never been easier, with the large selection available on eBay. To see some of the options, simply run a search for Armani tops or blouses. Buyers can also shop by category, selecting Fashion, women’s or men’s clothing and then choosing Armani. Keep in mind that when buying online sizing depends on measurements. Not every top will be a good fit, so look for sellers with easy return policies and a solid feedback score. Buying online takes some flexibility, but the results can be designer fashions at discount prices.

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