Guide to Buying Quality Jewellery and Gems

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When buying quality Jewellery there are quite a few things to Consider.  After all you are parting with your hard-earned cash for an item that you have not seen in real life,  have not touched and are unable to try on. Sometimes from the other side of the World.  You are going on Your Faith & the Honesty of the Seller.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:-

Read the Seller's Feedback:   If it is consistently good - an occassional blemish is nothing to be terribly concerned about.  Misunderstandings do happen & some people, instead of discussing things, race to write feedback instead of trying to sort things out.

Try Not to Be Impulsive:   Read the Description thoroughly.  If there is not enough information for you in the Description - ask questions.  Honest Sellers will not mind answering all your questions. 

Is There a Fully Described Condition Report?   For example Gems do chip & become scratched.  Gold or Silver is easy to dent and to scratch.   Is the Item Hallmarked or Stamped for Gold Content or has it been tested?  

Is If there is not a Condition report specifying these things ASK. 

Be Very Aware if in the Description the Piece is described as 'Dirty & Just Needs a Clean' ~ DIRT CAN HIDE A MULTITUDE OF SINS! ~  Just Think if you were going to sell something & get the Best Possible Price, would you leave it Dirty??...I don't think 99.9% of the population would!...Would you go and buy a Dirty Piece of Clothing, why buy Dirty Jewellery? 

If you want a Genuine Earth-Mined Gem ASK., if it is not stated PARTICULARLY   Diamonds, Rubies & Emeralds. 

Genuine Rubies & Emeralds are getting very hard to come by - Good Quality ones even scarcer.  A good quality Emerald is worth more than a Diamond just because they are rare.  A good quality Ruby is also become harder to find - The Best are from Burma.  You do not want a gem of any type that is very included with large amounts of carbon in them, if you are paying top price.  Most Sapphires in Chain Store Jewellery Shops are man-made too.

All Earth mined gems have some inclusions (Nature's Fingerprints).  Man-made Gems (Lab Created)  are just about the only ones that dont - they are flawless except the Rubies sometimes have bubbles in them, earth-mined do not.

When buying Jewellery with Gems, ask about the Carat Weight, The Colour,  The Clarity & the Cut, if they are not mentioned.  Also how is the gem set??  Is the setting secure??

(If you are interested in Gems, try, gem by gem on your search engine.  There they tell you all sotrs of interesting details on gems).

Look at the Sellers Refund Policy:    A Good Seller will refund your Money if the Desciption is not Accurate.  We are all Human and we do make mistakes.  If  there is a mistake on behalf of the Seller, why should you (the Buyer),  lose out because of another's error? - Not Fair. 

I do hope that this helps and REMEMBER if a thing Looks to Good to be True,  it very Probably IS...BEWARE of 1 Day Listings in the Jewelley Catergory

Thanks for Reading this & I do hope it helps



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