Guide to Buying Used Motorcycle Tyres

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Guide to Buying Used Motorcycle Tyres

Motorcycle owners can save on the cost of tyre replacement by opting for used tyres instead of new ones. These tyres are available in a variety of conditions and often provide comparable performance to new tyres at a fraction of the price. However, shoppers do need to take extra steps and precautions when shopping for used tyres to ensure that they are worth the investment. By knowing what to look for, identifying issues, and finding the right size and type, shoppers can find used tyres for their motorcycles.


Identify issues with used tyres

Used tyres do not have the same regulations that new tyres do. As such, there are a few things that shoppers should look out for to ensure that the tyres they purchase are safe and worth the investment. Tyres that are in like-new condition often fetch a higher price than those in poor condition, so shoppers can use price as a quick way to gauge the overall condition of the motorcycle tyres. However, motorcycle owners should also check for signs of aging, tread depth, and damages before making a purchase.

Signs of aging

It is important for shoppers to assess the age of the tyres because rubber can rot and deteriorate over time. As a general rule, shoppers should avoid motorcycle tyres that are more than six years old regardless of their condition. Weather and changes in temperature affect the durability of the rubber over time. Though the tyres may appear to be in good condition on the surface, there could be other issues below the surface. Manufacturers often place the date of manufacture directly on the tyre.

Tread depth and wear

The condition of the tyre tread is one of the most important factors in regard to safety on the road. Shoppers should avoid tyres that show signs of excessive or uneven wear, since these tyres are likely at the end of their usable life. With a tread depth gauge, shoppers can measure the depth to ensure that it exceeds the legal minimum of 1 mm. The higher the tread depth, the longer riders can use the tyres before needing to replace them.

Tyre damages and repairs

Shoppers should carefully inspect the tyres for damages and repairs. Shoppers should avoid tyres that have large punctures, visible bead wires, tread separation, damage from corrosive substances, and tyres with abnormal wear. However, tyres that were repaired properly are safe to use.


Choosing the right motorcycle tyres

In addition to considering the condition, shoppers also have to ensure that the tyres they select are the right fit for their motorcycle. Regardless of price, if the tyres are not quite the right size or the right type, they are not worth the investment. To choose the proper motorcycle tyres, shoppers need to consider brand, type, and size.

Motorcycle tyre brands

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tyres are the brand and model installed on the motorcycle by the manufacturer. Unless riders require high-performance tyres, opting for OEM tyres often ensures the best performance and compatibility. Top brands for motorcycle tyres include Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, and Avon Tyres.

Motorcycle tyre types

Shoppers must match the motorcycle tyres to the type of motorcycle as well as their riding style. Touring tyres offer durability for long-distance riding in all weather conditions. Racing and sport tyres stand up to the wear and tear of quick acceleration, cornering at tight angles, and fast action. Off-road tyres have unique tread that prevents them from slipping on rough and uneven terrain.

Motorcycle tyre sizes

Different types of motorcycles use different sizes of tyres, and installing the wrong size can affect the performance of the motorcycle. The side of the tyre features a string of numbers and letters that specifies the size and profile of the tyre. The first number listed refers to the width of the tyre in millimetres and the second number refers to the tyre's aspect ratio. The letters that follow indicate the speed rating and the tyre construction. The number that follows indicates the wheel size.


How to buy motorcycle tyres on eBay

Shop the large selection of motorcycle tyres in new and used condition available on eBay. Use the basic and advanced search features to begin. Indicate the type, brand, or size in the search box to find the tyres that match what you need. Specify your price range to find the items that fit into your budget. Narrow the results to show local sellers and save on delivery costs by picking up the item in person. Save on maintenance costs by shopping for used tyres for your motorcycle.

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