Guide to Buying Used Speakers on eBay

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How to Buy Used Speakers on eBay

Speakers are a must-have for any home or car. When buyers begin the process of purchasing speakers, there are several factors to consider, including size, function, and cost. Often a good pair of speakers may be fairly expensive; however, this does not mean that buyers have to sacrifice quality to stay within their designated budget. Websites like eBay make buying used speakers a painless and straightforward process.


Different Types of Speakers

There are a versatile collection of used speakers available for purchase on eBay. Before buyers begin to make their purchase, it is important to consider what they will use the speakers for in order to get a better understanding of their needs. Factors to consider here include if the speakers will be used in the home or the car, and the size of the buyers’ ideal speakers. Here are a list of options when it comes to different types of speakers.


Options for Home Theatre Speakers

Floor-standing and Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are made in a variety of different sizes, typically created to fit on shelves or an entertainment center. Floor-standing speakers, as the name implies, typically sit on the floor and are often made in three to four way designs, meaning that they feature more crossover points and higher quality levels of sound.

Wall Mounted and In Wall Speakers

In essence, wall-mounted speakers are bookshelf speakers that are mounted to the walls. They can be connected to TV sets and computers. In-Wall speakers are small, yet have a lot of potential to increase sound quality. Both of these options are potentially useful for buyers who want to amplify sound in a room that does not offer a lot of extra space.

Subwoofer/Satellite Systems

Subwoofer/Satellite systems consist of five plus smaller speakers that use a subwoofer for the bass aspects of sound. These sort of speakers are often used when low speaker visibility is desirable or when wall to wall or in-ceiling speaker installation is simply not practical. This kind of speaker system is often marketed as part of a “home theater in a box.”

Sound Bars

These are a useful way to enhance television sound. Sound bars are usually designed to fit below flat screen television sets. These products amplify the sound of televisions by creating amplification that bounces off side walls to create a sort of surround sound effect.

Desktop Audio

Desktop audio speakers are useful for connecting to an iPod and creating a pleasant musical atmosphere in a small room. Many of these models often include a clock and an AM/FM radio turner and also offer compatibility with Apple’s AirPlay feature, which enables a wireless connection between the device and the speakers.


Options for Car Speakers

Component System

In a component system, each speaker features its own, separate driver; there are multiple drivers for each range of frequencies. This kind of system is installed in different areas of the car and is ideal for creating a fuller, surround sound experience. Many users enjoy the high quality surround sound that these kind of car speakers produce.

Full Range System

Full range speakers are typically the factory default for car audio systems, and they are often the more affordable option. They share one driver, so every frequency comes in at the same place. Because of this, they sometimes lack sound clarity, though they may be a useful option for those interested in purchasing car speakers and are trying to remain within a tight budget.


Purchasing Used Speakers on eBay

eBay is a great option because it allows for used higher end models while staying within a tight budget if need be. Buyers can begin their search by typing keywords like “speakers,” or for a more refined collection of results, “bookshelf speakers” or “full range speaker system” into the search bar at the top of the page. Search filters, such as price and relevance, help buyers find the results they’re looking for faster than they otherwise would.



Buyers will always enjoy listening to their music, so it’s wise for them to invest in a pair of speakers that best fit their needs and lifestyle. A good pair of speakers can truly enhance their musical experience, so they are a worthwhile investment. And what’s more, buying used speakers on eBay allows buyers to get quality products for often unbeatable prices. Whether it’s a set of speakers for the house or the car, eBay has many different appealing options to consider. Quality and money saving – eBay really does offer the best of both worlds when it comes to speakers or other potential investments. It’s a resource that is definitely worth a buyer’s time.

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