Guide to DIY Shutters

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Guide to DIY Shutters

Shutters are one of the most popular kinds of window coverings, since they are often made of a sturdy vertical frame and adjustable horizontal slats. Shutters can be used to keep light out or let light in through windows, to offer privacy to people inside, to protect homes from weather, or simply to decorate the room. While many homeowners believe that shutters are prohibitively expensive, you can install shutters by yourself without the help of a professional.


Types of Shutters

Homeowners interested in installing their shutters should first choose what type of shutters they are interested in. Shutters vary in style, material, and shape.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are the most popular and traditional style of shutter. Plantation shutters have slats that can be rotated, so they are able to let in varying amounts of light. Plantation shutters can be swung open to reveal a completely open window.

Solid Shutters

Solid shutters are similar to plantation shutters, but they often do not have slats that can be opened and closed. Instead, solid shutters fold out to completely expose a window, then fold back in to cover the window completely. These are a great choice for those who prefer complete darkness when their shutters are closed.

Cafe Shutters

Cafe shutters only cover the bottom half of the window. These shutters are either stylistic choices, or they shield light from the eyes of people who might be sitting near them.


DIY Shutter Installation

Once a homeowner has selected the type of shutters they want in a home, they can purchase a set of shutters that fits their windows. Homeowners should first measure the dimensions of the window to ensure that the shutters will fit. Shutters are available from sites like eBay or hardware and home goods stores. An easy, step-by-step installation process is outlined below.

1. Build the Shutter Frame

Homeowners should first build a frame around the window to which shutters will be attached. This can be done by creating a wooden frame the same size as the window frame using plywood and dowels to hold the plywood together.

2. Install the Shutter Frame

The next step to hanging the shutters is installing the shutter frame on the wall. Use a screw and a drill to affix the frame to the wall. Ensure before attaching one piece to the other that the frame is completely level.

3. Affix the Shutters

Once the frame has been hung, the shutters can be affixed to the frame. In order to attach the shutters, homeowners will need to use loose pin hinges. First, attach one side of the hinge to the frame. This side should be the fixed side of the hinge, and it should be installed so that the pin is able to be inserted into it from the top. Then, attach the other side of the hinge to the shutter. In order to hang the window from the frame, align the two parts of the hinges and drop the pin in between them, allowing the shutter to swing open and closed on an axis. Each shutter will need at least two hinges, depending on its size. Homeowners will want to repeat this process for both left and right shutters, using appropriately oriented hinges for each.

4.Test the Shutters

Swing the shutters back and forth to ensure that they open and close properly. If not, make adjustments to the hinges or frame.

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