Guide to Measuring a Browband

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When purchasing a new Browband, keep in mind that measurements for standard sizing (PONY, COB, FULL, etc.,) may differ from seller to seller.  For example, one seller's "Full" size Browbands may measure 16 inches, and another seller's "Full" size Browbands may measure 15.5 inches.  So it  is a good idea to check the seller's Measurement Guide before purchasing , or send a message requesting the seller's sizes in cms/inches. 

The best way to guarantee a well-fitting Browband, and avoid disappointment due to incorrect sizing, is to measure an existing Browband that fits your horse.  Then, let the seller know the size you require in cms/inches. 

To measure your Browband, follow the instructions below, or refer to the photo guide.
  1. Use an existing Browband that fits your horse.  
  2. Remove the Browband from the bridle. 
  3. Lay the Browband flat 
  4. Measure entire length of the Browband, from end to end. 
Darling Downs Browbands
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