Guide to Restoring Outdoor Furniture

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How to Restore Outdoor Furniture

Many people are surprised by just how easy it is to restore outdoor furniture. It’s something most people can accomplish with very little effort. The keys to restoring furniture to its former glory includes being diligent about spot testing, staying on top of regular maintenance, and only using products that are safe on the furniture’s material. Checking outdoor furniture at least once a month for things like rust, mildew, and material fatigue will drastically extend its lifespan. The types of material needed to restore the furniture depends on the developed problem and the furniture’s material.

Restoring Outdoor Furniture Constructed from Metal

The great thing about metal outdoor furniture is that, provided it’s been well cared for, it will hold up long term. The best outdoor metal furniture has a corrosion resistant finish. The biggest restoration issue presented by metal furniture that is kept outdoors is that it can rust. Owners should use a wire brush on the rusty areas to remove the corroded metal. After scrapping away the rusted metal, use dish soap and a soft cloth to remove the metal shavings. Once the area has dried, it needs repainting. The best way to prevent rust is to keep the furniture as dry as possible.


Restoring Outdoor Furniture Constructed from Wicker

Problems that frequently crop up with wicker outdoor furniture include:

  • Bits of wicker getting bent or broken

  • Loose wicker strands

  • Mildew

  • Dirty appearance

A tip for keeping outdoor wicker furniture looking great is to bring it indoors during rainstorms and making sure that kids and pets don’t roughhouse on it. If the wicker furniture appears dirty, the best plan is to thoroughly clean it. This can be done with some mild dish detergent, warm water, and a scrub brush. Avoid scrubbing wicker too hard or it will bend and break. After scrubbing the chair, let it sit in wind and sun for it to fully dry.
Outdoor furniture missing bits of wicker can be easily repaired. Consumers need to purchase replacement strands and soak them until they’re pliable. After carefully removing any broken bits, the new strand can be woven into the vacant spot. A small amount of adhesive will be needed to secure the new strand in place.

Restoring Outdoor Furniture Constructed from Wood

Wooden outdoor furniture looks great, but keeping it looking sharp requires regular care and attention. Before setting the furniture out on the porch or balcony, owners need to apply a sealant that will make the wood more resistant to water-related damage. Going over the wooden pieces once a month with a soft cloth and a generous application of wood cleaner helps keep the wood clean and looking good. For wood that has faded or seems discoloured, dip some wire wool into linseed or mineral oil and rub the oil over the discoloured area. This will restore it to its original condition and also condition the wood.

Quick Outdoor Furniture Restoration Checklist

Since different types of outdoor furniture require different cleaning tools, it’s a good idea to have a reference sheet that can be quickly consulted whenever a piece of outdoor furniture needs some TLC.

Outdoor Furniture Material

Tools Needed

Outdoor Metal Furniture

  • Brush with wire bristles

  • A soft brush

  • A soft, clean rag or towel

  • Metal Primer

  • Paint designed for use on metal

  • Sandpaper

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

  • Mild dish detergent

  • Wicker spray paint

  • Scrub brush with medium firm bristles

  • Adhesive for repairs

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

  • Wood weather sealant

  • Cleaner safe for wood

  • A soft clean cloth

  • A brush with soft bristles

  • A clean piece of wire wool

  • Linseed oil

  • Salad oil

  • Mineral oil

  • Wood stain

The best way to keep outdoor furniture in good repair is to make sure the homeowner always has whatever tools needed to restore the furniture on hand. Having easy access to everything needed means problems can be dealt with right away, keeping damage minimal.

Buying Supplies to Restore Outdoor Furniture on eBay

The great thing about restoring outdoor furniture is that it’s no longer necessary for consumers to run all over town to pick up the supplies they need. In addition to acquiring outdoor furniture on eBay, it is also possible to pick up all the necessary restoration supplies. Taking advantage of eBay Deals means saving a great deal of money. The Home & Garden category contains the bulk of outdoor furniture listings. There’s a furniture section with an Outdoors subcategory, with further refinement options available in the sidebar.

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