Guide to Spotting Pirated Nintendo DS Consoles on eBay

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Guide to Spotting Pirated Nintendo DS Consoles on eBay! Guide 1/3
Please take 5 minutes of your time to read thoroughly through the guide. It's quick and easy-to-read and will save you time and money!
Hi, welcome to my eBay guide. Before i get started with all the details, as technology becomes better companies are beginning to make very realistic versions of Nintendo DS Consoles including Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL Consoles.
This guide will go through:
-Regions of Consoles
-Fake Nintendo DS Consoles - How to spot them!
-If it's too good to be true, it normally is
FIRSTLY, you need to know about the different regions of consoles and what they do (this is explained in one of my other guides, "Region Free Consoles - Whats the difference?") For the sake of this guide you will need to know that generally speaking every region has authentic nintendo ds consoles so it is not a specific region which gives away that a console is fake.
Like many other Australians, you've gone into your local retail store and seen the over priced consoles so you decide to go on eBay and see what bargains you get. There are a couple of things to look for in fake console dealers before buying it realizing "Damn *#@$% there goes a hundred bucks down the drain!"
1) THE first thing to do when trying to determine if a DS console is fake is to look at the sellers ID. Check their feedback, how long they've been a member for and any restrictions they have on their account. Normally, users selling fakes will get reported and taken off.
2) THE next thing to do is check what country the item is being shipped from. 90% of DS consoles on eBay from China/Hong Kong are fake - pretty big percentage eh? The real consoles from HK are the same price as Aussie ones anyway!
3) THE next step is to check the boxing...sellers from China and HK saying "US VERSION" are copies. They use cheap shell/casing and cheaper inside parts on the motherboard with some quality parts - just to keep it running for a couple of months!
4) CONTACT the seller and ask if it's real of is a "Quality Replica" - they will reply saying "My friend, my friend, very good console works 100%"

5) THE easiest way to see if a console is fake is to check the title... look for titles like New Blue Nintendo DS Lite Console + 50Games + 99Gifts - Products and listings which say hundred of games included are fake because realistically - how can someone give hundreds of games as a gift? Now, knowing the games are fake we can assume the consoles are fake!
Unfortunately seeing these great prices on supposedly genuine consoles and games is very tempting.. but let's come back to reality... I mean, if overseas are selling them genuine at half price then either Australia retailers are ripping us off big bucks or the games are fake! Most times if its too good to be true it normally is.
I've told and given you as much information as i can... the rest is up to you!
here is some sellers currently selling fake consoles - there's so many more but it would take way to long to list them!
I hope i have somewhat helped you! Please don't make the stupid decisions i have made... Just spend the extra money and get the good stuff from AU... in the end you get what you pay for! Any questions contact me via email happy to help you out :)
Thank you
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