Guide to Tying a Tie

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How to Tie a Tie

The tie has long been a wardrobe staple for men to wear in the workplace and to formal events. Today ties are available in a variety of styles, patterns, materials and colours to suit any wardrobe or occasion. Most ties must be tied by the wearer to be worn. Many ties and even tie accessories such as tie tacks can be found on eBay.

Choosing a Tie

When choosing a tie to buy, shoppers should consider tie styles and colours, as well as the material used to make the tie.

Tie Colours

Neutral and muted colours work best in office environments, while brightly coloured ties are considered more whimsical and fun. Choose a more subdued colour for formal events, and make sure a tie complements the colour of the shirt and jacket.
Ties are available in an array of patterns. Simple patterns such as stripes go well with plain outfits like a solid-coloured shirt. Conversely, stick with a plain tie if the shirt is patterned.

Tie Styles

In addition to the average-width tie, the skinny tie has become a popular option, especially for more casual looks. Skinny ties are also available in a variety of patterns and colours.

Other Types of Ties

For those wearers who don’t wish to learn how to tie a tie, clip on ties are an option. These ties – traditional and bow ties – come pre-tied and simply clip onto a shirt front.

Tie Materials



An affordable synthetic material, which makes it popular for ties. Polyester ties tend to feel hot around the neck in warmer months and they don’t give like more pliable materials.


Silk is the traditional material for ties, and comes in a variety of patterns and colours, and is lightweight. These ties tend to last a long time if properly cared for.


Breathable and easily wrinkled, cotton ties tends to lose shape with wear.


Made of tightly-woven material to create parallel diagonal ridges, twill ties make stains less obvious.


Tying a Necktie

The necktie is the most common type of tie and is worn typically in the workplace and at social functions.

  1. While standing in front of a mirror with the top button of the dress shirt undone and the collar flipped up, drape the tie around the neck with the wide end held in the dominant writing hand.

  2. Cross the wide end over the narrow end of the tie so that they meet at the tie’s seam.

  3. Then, continue the motion by bringing the wide end of the tie behind and around the narrow end. Continue by bringing the wide end around again and pulling it under the tie’s loop around the neck.

  4. Pull the wide end through the knot created at the front of the tie. Pull the knot up the narrow end, tightening the knot and closing the loop around the neck.

  5. The wide end should be longer than the narrow end so that the narrow end is tucked behind it, hidden from view.


Tying a Bow Tie

Considered extremely formal and traditionally only worn to highly formal events such as weddings, the bow tie fits just around the neck and does not extend down the wearer’s shirt front.
To tie a bow tie:

  1. Flip the shirt collar up and place the bow tie around the neck, with the right hand side about an inch and a half lower than the left.

  2. Cross the longer end over the shorter end, leaving enough room to tie a bow. Careful not to leave too much room, however, or the tie will dangle once tied.

  3. Create a simple knot by passing the longer end up through the loop. At this point, tighten the knot if necessary.

  4. The dangling end is then pulled towards the left, and folded back over itself. Hold this in place, as it will form the front end once the tie is completed.

  5. The front end of the tie is dropped over the front of the bow. With each end of the folded part pinched to create an opening, feed the dangling end through the knot.

  6. Tighten the finished bow by pulling on the opposite ends.


Buying a Tie on eBay

Finding a tie on eBay can be as easy and fast as entering a keyword into the search field on any page. Search results can be narrowed down by price, colour and material.
Alternatively, buyers can shop for ties on eBay by navigating to the Ties section of Men’s Accessories, which can be quickly found through the Clothing, Shoes, Accessories portal. Once a shopper is looking at a listing, all the necessary details should be available, including a description of the tie, pictures, seller rating and feedback, and price. If any information is missing, buyers can contact the seller and request more information.


A tie can literally bring a look together, whether it’s a sharp suit for the workplace, a formal outfit or just a smart weekend look. Finding ties in many different colours, brands and styles is easy with the help of eBay.

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