Guide to Xbox 360 Consoles

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I have written this guide to help warn people about the risks of buying an Xbox 360 on eBay and to help people tell the difference between all the different types.

Types of 360's
Things To Watch Out For
Which One Is Right For You


Here is a list of features Xbox 360's have along with their requirements.

Next Gen games: all 360's can play state of the art games although games generally run better on consoles with a hard drive. For info on which ones come with a hard drive see the different types below.

Media you can play CD's, and songs from you MP3 player through your 360 as well as watch movies through you handheld device. If you have a computer with Windows Media Player 10 you can hook the 360 up to you computer and play any file on you computer.

Xbox Live Silver comes free with all 360's allows you to download demos of upcoming games (around 150 demos as of October 27 2007), send messages to friends on Xbox Live and download game trailers and other media all for free. Requires: console, Ethernet cable, broadband internet and modem.

Xbox Live Gold same as silver although you can also play against other people all around the world. It does however cost. The starter pack is $99.95 in stores and includes 12 months subscription, headset (for voice communication) and 200 Microsoft points to spend on certain games downloads (maps, etc) which cost. Same requirements as Silver.

Xbox Live Arcade is a collection of arcade style games available for download such as Pacman, Uno, etc. They cost Microsoft points which you buy in stores though you can get free trials which give you a taste of the game.

Faceplates can be detached and changed for a touch of personality.


I will start of with the basics and explain all four types of Xbox 360 consoles.


This is the newest type of console available. It isn't even out at the time of writing this guide. I believe it will be replacing the Core and I will edit this guide when it is official. It includes the console, 256MB Memory Card, a Wireless controller, an HDMI port (minus the cable), a disc that includes demos of Xbox LIVE Arcade games Boom Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Pac-Man Championship, and Uno and cables (incl HD) and documentation.


  • Cheap price
  • Includes HDMI port (for HDTV's)
  • Wireless Controller
  • Free Demos of games
  • Includes Memory Card


  • No Hard drive
  • Games are only demos and are free on Xbox Live
  • No HDMI cable


The standard Xbox 360 is the most popular of the lot. It is great for people who really like games but don't need a lot of storage space for music, videos and pictures.  It includes the console (with chrome disc tray), 20GB Hard drive (actual space is 13GB due to pre installed software), wireless controller, ethernet cable for Xbox Live, remote for use with DVD's, cables (incl HD) and documentation. Plus one game demo preloaded (PGR 3) and a full Xbox Live arcade game (Hexic HD)
RRP from 27th of October 2007 $579.95                    Headset in photo is only included in American packs.


  • Great console form people how love games and movies
  • No need to buy storage space comes with 20GB
  • Wireless Controller
  • Medium priced
  • Chrome disc tray


  • No HDMI port (for HDTV's)
  • Only 13GB of actual space


This is the most expensive one available it is the only 360 in black and extra accessories. RRP on 27th of October $729.95
It includes Xbox 360 Elite console (black), 120GB hard drive, Wireless Controller (black),  headset (black), Ethernet cable for Xbox Live, HDMI cable and other cables (incl HD) and documentation. Plus demos and an arcade game.


  • 120GB hard drive
  • Wireless Controller
  • HDMI cable
  • In black (if you prefer it over white)
  • Headset


  • Most expensive 360
  • Only in Black
  • You have to buy all black accessories unless you want it to look strange

Things To Watch Out For

Xbox 360's are notorious with their hardware failures however as long as you keep the receipt you get a three year warranty. When your 360 has a problem it will flash three red lights on the front which translates to hardware failure. These lights are known as RROD or Red Ring Of Death due to the lights ring appearance. If it is less then three lights then it is easily fixable just check all you connections on the back. Sometimes a 360 will overheat so keep it well ventilated. Most problems are less common in newer consoles.

My advice is:

  • Only buy 360's with receipts
  • Make sure there is an actual photo in the listing and not a stock photo such as I used above.
  • Buy from sellers with feedback of at least 10 and 100% positive
  • If you have it use Paypal
  • Use common sense and read the listing

Which One is Right For you

The Core/Arcade are good for people who don't plan on storing lots of movies, music or game content. Its also good for those on a budget and who will only play games a little. However if you can afford it steer clear of it as in my opinion they are a waste of money as you will have a lesserexperience with one.

Standard is the console I bought. It is great for those who can afford it and will play any more then a one hours a week. I dont have an HDMI compatible TV so it was perfect for me because I wasn't paying for something I wouldn't use. It has enough space to store loads of games saves, content and music but don't expect to put you entire iPod video on it.

Elite is for serious gamers with an HDMI TV and people who want to put all their music and media on the console. It is however quite expensive.

It all really depends how you plan to use your 360.

For more info or suggestions please contact me.


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