Guide to buying poker accessories

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Poker is a growing worldwide phenomenon and increasing many people are interested in buying poker chips and accessories from eBay for their own games and fun. This guide will give a brief overview of what accessories to buy and what not to buy to get the best value for money.

When it comes to accessories, there are a multitude that you can purchase. They are all apparently "necessary" for a good game of poker, however the reality is you really only need a set of cards and chips. Of course some accessories make the game easier and more fun, and you will see examples of those in this guide.

Playing cards: Playing cards are a required accessory to any poker game - they are the mechanism by which a hand is played, and won or lost. Basically you can get two types of playing cards: paper and plastic. Paper cards are cheaper, however they have a much shorter life-span than the plastic variety. Also they are very easily marked (creased, torn, etc) and this will impact on the game your playing (can see a card in the deck that is damaged). Plastic cards on the other hand, are much more durable and less easily damaged. They last much longer than paper cards, and you get a realistic feel when playing with plastic cards. The only drawback to buying plastic cards, is that they cost quite a lot more than paper cards. One compromise to this problem is to use plastic coated paper cards. These offer the look and feel of plastic but at only a small premium to the price of paper cards. Overall, these have good durability are a good compromise to the cost conscious.

The second poker accessory I will talk about is a poker 'table'. These range from full blown felt covered, wooden tables, to simple pieces of felt with the relevant markings on it. Generally, I have found that the more you pay for a poker table the better quality it is. For example, if you purchase a full size, felt covered, wooden table, you can expect it to last much longer and give a better game than just  a piece of felt draped over an existing table. A compromise that has become available recently is a smaller fold-out style poker table. I have played on these and although they offer a realistic feel to a poker game, I find they are too small for more than 6 people and also break quite easily (especially along the spine). So, what kind of poker table should you get? Well it depends largely on how serious you are, and your budget. If you are serious and can afford it, I recommend going for the best table you can afford, however if you are just a casual player with friends, maybe a piece of felt attached securely to a existing table will do the job.

Other accessories you can purchase that I haven't covered are, in my opinion, not terribly exciting or worth the money they cost. Things such as automatic shuffling machines seem nice in theory, but the ones offered by sellers on eBay are generally cheaper models and they often malfunction. In my experience, it is a good skill to learn how to shuffle a deck of cards, and the speed of this will increase rapidly (especially with plastic cards and a felt surface). Other things you might consider purchasing are things such as DVD's or videos (for your own personal learning). Well, for a casual player this is probably a bit over the top, however if you're serious about poker then I completely recommend it.

Hope you find my guide useful about the accessories you need for a home poker game.

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