Guide to buying (the quick guide)

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Important things to look at when buying (quick guide)-

  • When buying from a seller it is ALWAYS important to read EVERYTHING the seller has stated in their 'terms & conditions'.
  • If you have any questions about an item (that you could possibly be interested in purchasing) send a quick message to the seller. It always pays to ask questions. Just as if you were in a real shop.
  • One great way to find out about the sellers quality is to read their feedback. Also take note if they have a score of 100% or not.
  • Be careful with Shipping and Handling prices. Sometimes you'll find an auctions that are very cheep BUT the Shipping & Handling is very expensive! This is a way of people getting around the payment fees to eBay. This makes it unfair to all that truthfully use eBay. :(
  • To help yourself and the seller it is always advisable to leave feedback.
And there we have my few simple steps to buying succesfully on eBay. These few points are things I personally go by for when buying and selling. And it has personally worked very well for myself so I wanted to share this small amount of knowlege with others!

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