Guide to buying used furniture

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How and What to Inspect
- Always enquire for an inspection if able or ask for more photos about any concerns you have about the furniture.
- Expect that the quality of the desk is not perfect, however, at least you make sure that you only bid on used furniture that are made of quality material. You want to bid with confidence not fear.
- Check the dimensions of the furniture and see if it would fit into the area you want to put it in. Very important thing is to also check if the entrance is big enough for the furniture to get in. You don't want to buy a furniture that can't get into your office or home and end up sitting in your garage.

Check the seller out
- Check to see if the seller has a good record or have been a good seller in the past selling used furniture or similar items.
- Check if delivery is available. If so, how much does it cost. Make sure the delivery cost is factored into the full price of the furniture.

Start bidding and/or get Lucky
- Evaluate how much you would be willing to pay for the item, feel confident with your price and start bidding. Nothing beats winning, but you will feel happier if you've won knowing that you stuck to your valuation. On the other hand, if you lose, at least you know that was the price you're willing to pay and also to walk away from. Paying any higher to win won't make you a totally satisfied customer.
- If the auction is pick up only, always double check with the seller the address of where the item is located before heading out for the pick up.
- If Cash on Delivery is an option, do that. Kindly ask if a discount is available despite the bidding price on ebay but do not push it any further, afterall you've agreed to pay for that price anyway. But if you do not ask, you will not get lucky.

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