Guide to correctly grading comics for sale

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This is a short guide on how to pick the right comic condition. When you sell your comics, the buyer is under the impression your goods are of the correct comic standards. You need to ensure you follow these guides as the price/worth of a comic will be dramatically decreased if you incorrectly grade the comic you are selling. It will also run you the risk of recieving bad feedback from customers.

Below are the ways to correctly grade your comics for sale:

MINT (M)  Absolutely perfect in every way.  As soon as it is touched it
drops to Near Mint. Mint is as an imaginary ideal that cannot be
attained in the real world.

NEAR MINT (NM)  Almost perfect.  Upon close inspection, one or two tiny
imperfections may be found.  This is the highest grade assigned to any item
in this catalog.

VERY FINE-NEAR MINT (VFNM)  An excellent copy with only minor
imperfections such as a few tiny stress lines on the spine or a minor
printing/binding defect.

VERY FINE (VF)  Excellent copy with very slight wear beginning to show.
Still sharp, glossy, and clean.

FINE-VERY FINE (FVF)  A glossy, clean copy with a number of small
imperfections or slight wear such as tiny stress lines or slightly rounded

FINE (F)  An above-average copy that shows less than average wear.  Typical
defects could include a small corner crease or some loss of cover gloss.

VERY GOOD-FINE (VGF)  A slightly better than average copy with some
imperfections that keep it out of the higher grades.  Obviously handled but
fairly well cared for; still basically a decent copy.

VERY GOOD (VG) A copy in average condition.  Some wear is obvious but not
damaged or soiled.

GOOD-VERY GOOD (GVG)  A well-read copy with some significant defects such
as tears, long creases, or writing, or perhaps several smaller but
noticeable defects.

GOOD (G):  A worn copy with an accumulation of defects such as tears,
creases, writing, pieces out of the cover, etc.

FAIR-GOOD (FR-G), FAIR (FR), POOR-FAIR (P-FR), POOR (P):These grades all
indicate a very worn copy with many significant defects, such as tape,
pieces missing, stains, or water damage, increasing in number and/or
severity down the list.  However,even comics graded POOR have complete
stories, though parts of the cover or panels might be missing.

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