Guide to horse mineral needs

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Horses have specific needs with regard to minerals and mineral interactions. For example, horses require at least 15 grams of magnesium per day in maintenance (grazing and not being ridden), and can acquire much of this on good pasture.

Magnesium needs increase wth horses in work so that a horse in heavy work in hot temperatures may require up to 25 grams per day. Much of this is excreted in sweat. Horses in work are also ususlly stabled, so magnesium dietary needs must be acquired through the feed ration.

Re-Place MG is a no-nonsense magnesium supplement containing magnesium oxide, which is the preferred form of magnesium supplement for horses. he product does not pretend to have other minerals etc that are supposedly essential. Proper dietary rations can be formulated at a fraction of the cost of complete feeds by combining calcium, grains, chaff and hay.

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