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We can produce balls from size 1 to 5. We produce top match quality balls through to training and promotional quality.

Our balls come in three main material types.

1) PVC
2) PU
3) Rubber

PVC is the standard material that most soccer balls are made from. It is long lasting and relatively cheap. PVC can come in normal luster, shiny, mat or gloss.

PU (polyurethane) is the material that all world class soccer balls are made from. It is softer than PVC, more expensive and more environmentally friendly. Many large companies with a published environmental policy will like to have PU balls as they produce less dioxin in the manufacture process.

Rubber balls are long lasting and super hard wearing. Rubber should be used for balls that are to have a very long life span (like school balls). Rubber sits somewhere in between a PVC and PU ball in price.

Each ball can have a different number of ply’s inside the ball, ranging from 1 ply for cheap promo balls right up to 4 ply for match quality balls. The lower the number of ply’s the cheaper the ball. The more ply’s a ball has the longer it will last and retain its shape

There are two main material types used in the inner ply’s of a balls. Cotton and polyester. Cotton liners are cheaper than polyester. All professional quality balls use polyester lining

Each ball can come with two different bladders. Latex and Super NK. Latex bladders are the cheapest and most often used in Promo balls. Latex bladders tend to lose their air over the space of a week. Super NK bladders are more expensive and are used in professional quality balls. Super NK bladder tend to hold air for a lot longer than latex bladders

Balls can be either machine or hand stitched. Machine stitching is slightly lower in quality and thus a little bit cheaper. All professional quality balls are hand stitched. Our hand stitched balls are stitched sing waxed thread for durability.

All our balls come in sized from small promo size right through to full adult size

We are a certified child labour free manufacture.

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