Guide to selling a mobile phone on ebay

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Guide to selling a mobile phone on Ebay.

I have never considered selling a second hand mobile phone on Ebay with the intention of actually making any money, however I found from research that this all depends on the way the item is listed for it to sell successfully or any other item for that fact.

Here are some tips on how to get maximum dollars for your mobile.

  • As soon as you are finished with your mobile phone put it up for sale as phones depreciate quickly due to technology advances
  • Try to include as many items or features along with your phone e.g. charger, headphones, detachable camera etc
  • List as much as you can and what your phone is compatible with or not.
  • If you are unsure of the features of your phone, you can always visit the manufacturers web site to retreive that information.
  • When you get a new phone, try to keep the box, CD, cover, charger etc together for when you do eventually sell that one.
  • Have a browse at he same or similar models that are currently selling, watch what they go for, note the successful sellers. Try to use some of their successful selling techniques.

Hopefully this should be able to help try to maximise $$$.



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