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"My eBay": Firstly i would recomend that you set up a "My eBay'' Account so that you can watch items you are interested in, instead of searching for them, and to watch biddding progress which is inportant in wich to pick up a bargain in stead of placing your highest bid, Also you have all of your favourite items there in front of you separate from the advertising pages so that you arent side tracked by other listed items.

PAY PAL: Secondly i would recomend to set up a PAY PAL Account which is getting very popular with alot of buyer/sellers and it it makes your money transfer and the transaction of item faster in turn will keep the buyer/seller happy with fast money/item transfers, this will reflect on your feedback that the buyer/seller will leave making for possitive feedback left in your account that you have set up with My eBay.

COMPARE ITEMS: Using the compare buttons next to each item allows you to compare these items side by side giving you a better idea of what they both cosist of allowing for a more accurate purchase.

FEEDBACK: Look into the seller/buyers profile for feedback and past sales/purchases, you can also read feedback left which is inportant to do to se how this member deals with transactions, allowing you a more confident sale/purchase transaction.

WATCHED ITEM: When you are watching an item with little time left in auction you can click on the "REFRESH" button at top of page in your toolbar section, this will keep you the must up to date with time remaing, bids and all history.

BIDDING: If you cant watch the last few minutes of the auction you can place a bid and put in the highest amount you would like to pay and ebay will do the bidding for you, but you must return and check your "My eBay" to see if you were successsful, if you dont look and a situation like this is successful you are subject to bad FEED BACK which will effect your future.

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