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Hi y'all,

Harrys Hunting sells a huge range of 100% Authentic/Genuine Harley-Davidson & Buell parts, accessories and apparel.  Unfortunately, we've recently noticed a huge influx of  non-genuine products purporting to be Authentic H-D finding their way onto ebay, particularly in the area of memorabelia such as patches, jewellery and clothing. If in doubt, simply email the seller of the item you're looking at and ask them to provide you with the Harley-Davidson Part Number or bone fide of the item you're interested in..

If contemplating purchasing H-D bits & bobs from overseas, be very, very careful as the Motor Co. has a zero tolerance policy for non-genuine items and if Customs have the slightest doubt they will confiscate your goods and the next thing you'll receive is a letter from H-D's international legal firm.  We have had two large shipments of 100% authentic products seized by Customs that were subsequently released but only after doing long and strenuous battle with their legal firm & H-D Headquarters in USA.  The gain just isn't worth the pain!

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