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As a young boy growing up, keeping occupied in the car on our annual family road trip across the country would usually in tail playing eye spy, car cricket or with the electric windows, and my brother and I in the back annoying my parents with a thousand “are we there yets?” usually aggravating dad to the point where he’d say “if you don’t be quiet ill turn the car around and cancel Christmas!”  At this point my brother and I would shut up, well, for ten minutes or so.

Today with technology at our finger tips it is so easy keep the kids quiet on a long trip across the country to your mother-in-laws house.  In car DVD entertainment has hit the motor industry hard and fast, with DVD headrest screens becoming the fastest, simple and cost effective way to keep the little backseat passengers quiet on that long journey, all without changing you’re factory stereo in the dash.

The added advantage to our headrests is the individual DVD players, so there’s even less fighting over what to watch. Thinking DVD’s are a bit ol Skool?, our units also come equipped with an SD card and USB ports so you can save the clutter in the glove box and transfer your discs to a USB Stick. There are also Touch Screen capable units available.

Finished in Black, Grey or beige, will not only will they look compliment your interior, but they will stop the “are we there yet?” duet from the back seat. When you sell the car, they can simply be removed to return your vehicle to its original state, or leave them in for better re-sale

At  motorformula, we have the perfect solution to keep you sane on that long journey. At  motorformula we have a solution for just about any car, from a 1960’s ford mustang to a 2013 Mazda CX9, we have a wide array of options to suit your vehicle, backed by knowledgeable staff and professional installation team. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and see what  motorformula can do for you.   

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