HD Ready, HD and Full HD

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These buzz words have been circulating for a while now, but for the average joe what does it all really mean?

how does it affect me?

What we refer to here is the resolution of the screen (in lamens terms) the amount of lines of dots that a screen can produce.

Thus the higher the resolution, the more dots, the more detail the better the picture...

So we want more dots, which one do we go for?

HD Ready is the bottom end of the scale, these tvs can have 480 or 768 lines in most cases, not much better than the old tube tv you already have...

HD is the next up, it has your High Defintion Set Top Box inbuilt (giving u buckets of extra channels for nothing ;) ) and in most instances has 768 lines, again not bad... but always better

Full HD is 1080 lines and has the set top box inbuilt, this is currently the amount of lines those blue rays and ps3s use you may have heard about, so for best image currently available, go full HD

This information applies to plasma and LCD TVS, so be sure to get a good salesperson at your local store, the really good ones will be able to rattle of why you need these not just what you need.


So if you want the best picture out of you new flat screen, the first feature you need to look for is the resolution, ask for Full HD or 1080 lines!

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