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So many people, including me, have spent and wasted hundreds of dollars trying to find a product that helps with Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition.

I have now discovered Herbalife and it REALLY DOES WORK WELL ! ! ! !

I am so excited about my results that I want to share it with everyone, so they can feel and look fantastic too.

It seems to be expensive but at about $4 per meal replacement, it is quite economical.   My food bill has decreased and I do not have to shop each week.  It could be that I am not being tempted to buy "snacks" eg Lollies, Biscuits, Desserts and that in itself is saving me money.     It might seem a lot to pay in one lump sum, as you are usually buying a month's supply at the same time, it evens itself out over the weeks.

My health and wellness, have also improved - I am sleeping better, my fingers are not so sore with arthritis, my cholesterol has improved, I am not depressed (I am excited about the results instead) and I have got heaps of energy.   Also I have lost 12kg in as many weeks and that is a miracle for me as I have tried everything to lose weight all my life.

If you want all this and more, just invest in your health (not just Health Insurance) and check out the products.

I can be contacted through my Seller ID of slimline-au so if you have any questions at all about these wonderful natural health supplements.   Herbalife offer a customer satisfaction 30 day money back guarantee.  How many other weight loss companies do that!

As you have probably noticed, I am raving about Herbalife, but really am so grateful that I discovered them.

Yours in Health,   Colleen  - slimline-au

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