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If you are buying from overseas, there are many things you must take into account. Overseas buyers will try to lure you into a trap, so be very careful of the following things-
  • Fake title
  • Pirated Items
  • Things that are only MODELS of things. eg. MODEL OF MOTOROLA RZR or even such things as an XBOX BOX, which brings in buyers to think that the seller made a spelling mistake and buy the item for an exceptionally low price. But when they recieve the item, it is in fact an XBOX BOX.
  • Selling for extremely low prices such as 99c but then when you pay for the item you find out that postage is $100 with REQUIRED insurance of $20.
  • Unable to pay by paypal, so you are left stranded with bad feedback.
To protect buyers from these cons, eBay does have many guidelines such as the RULES AND SAFETY/HELP CONSOLE which can be viewed from-

But the way that i seem it fit is to know how to spot and catch out these scandals. The first way is to always read the whole text and postage and PayPal clearly. If you cannot spot the postage then either dont buy the item or ask the seller the postage amount. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT be afraid to ask the seller questions as by listing the item you are enabled to ask as many questions as you want. Next for pirated items, you should check to see they have a picture on there description otherwise, it is probably fake. Or if you are still not convinced, again ask a question.

In total there are really only 3 ways to prtect yourselves from fraudulent eBay overseas sellers.
  1. Inspect the whole description/postage.
  2. Check the item pictures
  3. And last of all ASK QUESTIONS as this will lead you to a road of good eBaying and protection with the laws of eBay.
I hope this guide helps you with your eBaying experience. So get out there and HAPPY EBAYING!!

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