HI,welcome to jtoriginals on ebay..selling..originals..

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HI..we sell *ORIGINALS* on *EBAY*..each item we sell is a one off original and collectable/limited edition..*FASHION* items made exclusively for ebay and sold only  *originally* from jtoriginals08..as of march2008..each item is usually *HAND*PAINTED* and/or tie-dyed..bleached..depending on colours and fabric..mainly speciallising in *ALL*DENIM* *SKIRTS*JACKETS*JEANS*as everyone has a favourite pair of jeans or *DENIM*items so why not choose one from us instead of supporting an overseas designer..support a melbourne based australian supporting small bussiness,selling solely full-time on ebay..new items will be listed weekly until I can get more help..then it will be evry couple of days until I can list *DAILY* atleast one *NEW* item..each garment is created individually as each item of clothing is an original..so each is treated as an individual *CANVAS* and the *DESIGNS* are *HAND*DRAWN* by trained and qualified artists..trained in a number of artist desiplines including *TATTOO*SKIN*ARTISTS* *FASHION*DESIGNERS* *SPRAY*PAINTERS* and *FINE*ARTISTS*..I personally have many years of drawing experience and I specialize in the *HUMAN*FORM* especially the beauty within the *FEMALE*FORM* which I combine with *TATTOO*DESIGN*ART* and the pretty artform of the female..*FAIRIES*..yes,faries are back in fashion and for people of all ages..I don't have a body tattoo yet but I do own and wear *TATTOO*DESIGN* clothing..I try to promote my work as much as I can and wear my own items out where possible and practical..I get new bussiness everytoime I go out in melbourne..so if you buy and where my items..one day you to may met the artist or designers behind your garment as no one else can do what we do originally..truely by *HAND* with honesty and *TALENT*..we are not copy artists..we don't trace or project..not that theres anything wrong with that..BUT we are the real thing..if coming to or in melbourne..contact us and come visit the *DESIGN*PROCESS* and keep watching my feedback and *BUSSINESS*GROW*..I am *NEW*..I can't hide that but I am original and here to stay..this makes my *FASHION*items both desirable and collectable..coming soon..maternity jeans..*DENIM*jackets..*DENIM*mini skirts..BAGS..paintings and eventually *TATTOOING* and *CAR*ART*..
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