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As a shoe seller, I often get asked if certain brands are real here on ebay.  I alway find this question amusing.  OF COURSE NOT REAL they are fakes- very good copies made in china and sold .  This is called the BLACK MARKET.

The major HIGH END BRANDS DO NOT WHOLESALE their products especially to website business.  Why would they?  They are supposed to be the elite fashion item and they cost a fortune exactly for this reason.  So if it is brand new, even with so called tags, dust bags, and logo on the box - are you really thinking they are real - please.

Lets talk Manolo Blahnik. if your paying $200 they are not real.  There are only 4 onlines internet store and are advertised on the Manolo Website and they are usually major department stores which have a website backup.  They will generally alway cost over half the recommended retail prices, which means and you can never ever buy the item for under $500 (even the not quite right ones!!!).  

Louis Vuitton Shoes are sublime and they protect their brand and after suing successfully certain internet based auction format company you will find it a bit more difficult to locate their fakes but there are still a few here.

Christian Louboutin one of the best killer heel designers and as their own official website states "all other websites with the name christian louboutin are illegal and may sell counterfiet products". This poor designer is one of the highest reproduced black marketed shoes in the world. 

People who invest in these premium products know to keep their receipts from the major department stores. If they choose to sell an item used or unused they will/should show a photograph of a store receipt and anybody who has a large quantity in all sizes are definiately selling a black marketed item. If they say I lost the receipt well this is the usual common excuse! Just don't pay premium price for the item.

So please stop crying about how you were ripped off buying a EXCLUSIVE BRAND SHOE/HEELS - you know they are fakes, you like the style and can't afford the real ones so you are looking for the black marketed one - aren't you!





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