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What is a Blow Off Valve?

Blow off Valves are used to release excess pressure from automotive turbochargers. This accessory is used to avert turbo surge when a fast spinning turbocharger decelerates suddenly, thereby preventing damage to the car’s engine or turbocharger.

There are two types of Blow Off Valves:
  1. Release Blow Off Valves; and
  2. Plumb Back Blow Off Valves
Please note that this article is for Blow Off Valves that are suitable for Petrol Turbo vehicles only. If you have a Turbo Diesel vehicle, please view our article on Turbo Diesel Blow Off Valves by clicking on this link or view our Turbo Diesel Blow Off Valve itself. 
Release Blow Off Valves

Release  Blow off Valves release excess air pressure into the atmosphere and make a sound every time air is released (which happens when the driver changes gears). The higher the revs/acceleration the louder the sound.

Good quality Release Blow off Valves are adjustable which means you can adjust the pressure/sound using a screw located at the back of the Blow off Valve.

Plumb Back  Blow Off Valves 

Plumb Back Blow Off Valves work in the same way as Release Blow Off Valves except they do not release excess air pressure into the atmosphere, which means they do not make any sound. Instead, they simply re-circulate the air pressure within the turbocharger and engine.

What are the benefits of installing a Blow Off Valve?

Here are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider buying a high performance Blow Off Valves for your vehicle:
  1. Prevent damage to your turbocharger and engine
  2. Increases your vehicle's performance
  3. Customise your vehicle and make heads turn with a distinct sound when changing gears, which can be adjusted!
  4. Simply replaces your factory standard blow off valve (if any)
  5. Can either be welded onto intercooler piping or bolted inside the engine bay
Where can you buy a reliable Release Blow Off Valve or Plumb Back Blow Off Valve?

There are many cheap imitations and poor quality Blow Off Valves available, however these can actually cause more harm than good!

Revhead Parts , we supply high quality performance Blow Off Valves at affordable prices. Our Blow Off Valves are quality tested by mechanical experts in a workshop prior to being sold so we are very confident in our products. All our Blow Off Valves come with all necessary accessories to allow a quick and easy installation, as well as a detailed instruction sheet. All our Release Blow Off Valves are adjustable which means you can release the optimal amount of air pressure and control the sound of the Blow Off Valve.

To view our latest (Type 2) silver Release Blow Off Valve, click on this link. We also have the Type 2 Release Blow Off Valve in a limited edition black colour. Click on this link to view the limited edition black model.

To view our Type 1 silver Release Blow Off Valve, click here. 

To view our Plumb Back Blow Off Valve, click on this link.

Alternatively, please visit our eBay store by clicking on this link and then select "Blow Off Valves" from the item list on the left hand side to view our entire range of Blow Off Valves.
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