HOLDEN grey motor PERTRONIX breaker-less ignition

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I recently fitted a PERTRONIX breaker-less ignition to my 1954 FJ Holden ute with the original 6 volt system and I tell you what.....it's the best thing since sliced bread.

If you're into old Holdens you would no-doubt be aware that genuine Bosch points are still available for the Holden grey motor but require grinding to the top of the breaker spring mount to fit properly inside the distributor housing and you'll be lucky if you get a set that the point faces squarely meet & match and they soon wear and close up the your gap setting as the resin block that follows the lobes around wears down changing your timing setting.

Add to that, the top and bottom vacuum advance/retard-plates center mating hole is sure to be well worn from years of constant movement adding to the variability of any point gap setting and here's some even better news... new bosch #BC61 condensors now come with-out any mounting tab which makes them pretty well useless for old Holdens & the condensor is often the primary source of ignition problems like weak spark, burnt out points or complete ignition failure when they get hot.

Well forget all that crap and fit a well priced and superbly engineered piece of U.S.A design and manufacture with a 30 month guarantee....the PERTRONIX  #1864AN6 for the Holden FJ (suits 6 volt neg earth systems/bosch distributor) or the PERTRONIX #1864A for the FE,FC,FB,EK,EJ 1956-1963 Holdens with a grey motor/bosch distributor running a 12 volt system.

I found the PERTRONIX kit easy to fit, if you can install points you can fit the PERTRONIX and the best part is the distributor still looks stock standard, you can even leave the old condensor can mounted to look original and all you have is one extra wire that runs to the + terminal on the coil , I fed both wires through black heatshrink tubing leaving the last two inches of wires free to fit the crimp on coil terminals.

The rotor button, distributor cap, spark plugs & plug gap, spark plug leads & coil remain the same and all that's required internally is to grind a little off the easily removable and replaceable vacuum advance rod retaining arm for clearance of the trigger magnet sleeve that slides over the shaft lobes and the instructions clearly show you what's required.

Everything fitted perfectly & went in as it should and then it just a matter of getting the timing light out and set the timing off the ball in the flywheel at a 400 rpm idle so the advance weights aren't moving and with the vacuum advance pipe disconnected and temporarily plugged at the carby.

After intially setting the timing & with the motor stopped & then with-out moving the distributor body, reset the distributor locking tab to zero with the dash mark on the engine block...re-tighten lock screw and 1/2" bolt and re-check settings with timing light.

After much road-testing I set mine at an extra 4 degrees retarded reading off the mounting tab marks, this setting eliminated a slight high RPM ping from over advancing when revving through second gear in my standard grey motor using whats sold to be 98 octane pump fuel.

If your running a factory issue FJ bosch distributor you can also carefully grind or file, point 8 of a mm (0.8mm) off the very top of the C section of the distributor lobe shaft and then fit the commonly available GB74 cap & GB73 FE-EJ rotor button....the old style FJ rotor buttons & caps are scarce now & they are about as hard to find as an honest politician.

After fitting the Pertronix I got a 10% increase in top speed, eliminated high R.P.M surging and got easier starting, better idle, acceleration, fuel economy and 100% reliability even in scorching summer heat & best of all I'll never need to change the points again or be F'n around with parts that don't fit like they should.

You can get the Holden grey motor Pertronix kits on eBay, search 'holden grey motor' & you'll find them there and feel free to contact me via the eBay system if you have a question and if you found this guide helpful click on the thumbs up button at the top of the page.

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