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Essential considerations when setting up a home gym.

Here's a few tips for those setting up a home gym for the first time, you may find a few important points you may have otherwise overlooked.
  •  For most people you will likely be restricted by either budget or space, unless you're one of the lucky few who has a commercial like area with very deep pockets. Considering this, the best home gyms will make good use of space with multi functional, versatile equipment.
  • Starting from ground up, good flooring should create the foundations of your gym if you have the budget available. It not only protects your existing floor and the equipment you are using, but it creates a gym like atmosphere to get you in the mood for training. You can use just a few pieces or cover the whole floor.
  • Next essential items to be able to perform a full body workout is some form of resistance and a bench. The absolute basic set up would be a flat bench and set od adjustable dumbbells. With this limited equipment you can work and develop every muscle in your body, that's the beauty of free weights exercises.
  • For those with more room and a higher budget, the best set up to get is some sort of rack, adjustable bench, barbell and weight plates, something like this combination - Package Deal. Of course there are many variations of set up suited for lower and higher budgets, with an unlimited combination of extras and attachments.
  • The next step up would simulate a PT gym or small commercial gym. This could be a set up including a rack, adjustable bench, single station pieces like a lat pulldown, leg press, full set of dumbbells with storage rack, functional trainer, etc, the list could go on forever !

Summing up, the best home gym will make the most efficient use of space you have within your allocated budget. Get some good weights, combination of barbell, weight plates and dumbbells, a bench, a rack, and then any extra specialty equipment you like to perform certain exercises with if you have the space. Some like a simple and basic set up, some like as much variety as possible. Whatever you do, look to buy the best you can the first time buy buying from a reputable seller with a good history of dealing with gym equipment.

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